Reach Out to Consumers, posted by Vicki

Happy New Year to everyone!!! As you are establishing your resolutions for the New Year, it is my hope that high on your list will be more involvement in our REALTOR® association or the community for which you live and work. Dick’s theme this year “All Together” inspires all of us to work harder on issues both inside and outside of our organization that will benefit our members and the consumers that we serve.

During my travels in 2007, I have enjoyed visiting with leadership from individual states to find out what members or associations are doing to help our image with consumers. Ilene Kessler, President of the Maryland Association of REALTORS® started a financial literacy program in her state that helps children in high school (what better time to learn about finances) learn the in and outs of purchasing a home. Her program has earned state wide recognition from Governor O’Malley. Because of the success of this program, children, parents, teachers, elected officials and consumers in Maryland know that REALTORS® care about their future.

In 2008, it is my hope that each of us can consider a new way to reach out to the consumer and improve their understanding about the real estate transaction. All my best to you in the New Year! — Vicki Cox Golder, 2008 NAR First Vice President

  1. Go Ilene! I love this idea! Sometimes, it just takes one idea to spark many more. I’m fresh out of them right now, but may have to learn more about Ilene’s curriculum and see if it might be something our local association can pursue here at home.

  2. I too want to commend Ilene, as it is absolutely necessary to be literate in finance, as well as in language. I volunteer at the local Literacy Council in Florence, SC, and recieve much joy from it. However, the idea of financial literacy is exciting and beneficial to the community. I would like to know more about this program.

    How can we, as a group of REALTORS, reach the heads of the media to stop this daily, overly flooding of excessive “doom and gloom” reports that appear on all the news channels, morning and nightly news coverages, Front pages and Business pages in newspaper reporting?
    It’s not ALL negative in ALL parts of the country yet this type of reporting is scaring the “heebee- geebees” out of potential buyers in a market where interest rates are lower than they have been in a long time and housing prices are more affordable than they have been in a long while.
    I realize that the media thinks that the bad housing market makes for great news for them to report but it’s hurting our industry so much more than necessary because people believe actually them.
    Cannot our NAR stand up to the higher-up news and print executives to have them back off for a while and print or report some actual positive events in the housing and buiding industry such as lower prices and interest rates that make the American dream by far more reachable now than ever?