Reaching Out to Consumers, posted by Charles

I know that many Realtors have been asking NAR what we are doing to counter the negative news stories on the housing market.

I want everyone to know that we hear you and we are doing plenty. For starters, we have begun a “surround sound” strategy earlier this year that is designed to help state and local REALTOR associations generate positive news stories about the opportunities that exist in today’s housing market. You can see the toolkits that your associations have received at to equip them with suggested messages, letters and tips for dealing with the news media.

NAR understands that news gets reported in the national media and trickles down to the local level. At times, consumers only hear about the national market and don’t get the facts about their local situation. We know that there are good stories in local markets and that is where being proactive and working with the media is helpful.

At the national level, NAR continues to take every opportunity to communicate good news about today’s market in every news release. Don’t forget that the television and radio ads that make up our Public Awareness Campaign also speak forcefully about the value of homeownership. With each written and spoken word, NAR speaks for real estate proudly and passionately. In all we do, we want buyers and sellers to understand the opportunities that exist in today’s market.
Charles McMillan

  1. The national advertising campaign is working. I have had prospects contact me after seeing these ads, and I followed up with detailed local information for their specific real estate needs. I am happy to say that they are now a satisfied client that understands, no matter what the market, the value of homeownership is priceless!