Nothing like “the Now”, Posted by Jim

Graduation Time!

On a personal note: My favorite singer/poet Jimmy Buffett has a great song called “I Love the Now”. My favorite line in the song goes something like this: “I love the Now (All the faces and places), I love the now (all the rats and the races), It’s the only place I’ve ever been, It’s the only way that I know how…”…

As I sat at home last night contemplating the upcoming Midyear Legislative Meetings and Expo in Washington, DC (actually I was trying to decide what I need to pack and I’m a horrible packer) it dawned on me how much we accomplish during this set of meetings and how busy we’ll all be.

Notwithstanding our legislative efforts on Capitol Hill, we have governance meetings, receptions, the trade show, hundreds of committee meetings, dinners, renewing old friendships, the Board of Directors meeting and who knows what else that will keep us busy for 6 days.

If you haven’t had the chance to attend the Midyear or Annual Conference, take the opportunity now to join us in Washington and later this year in Orlando. Attending these meetings is a great way to learn about the latest research and trends affecting our industry and also meet new friends and catch up with long standing ones.

This year, I am little rushed on Saturday as the Board of Directors begins. My son graduates from College at 11am and at 9am I’m to be at the podium giving the Treasurer’s Report. I know President Gaylord will do his best to get me on quickly but my mind will be in Elizabethtown, PA where I’ll be headed as soon as my report is complete. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive to his school. I’m proud of Mike and I will to be there for the big day!

A Realtor’s® life is filled with deadlines and commitments. My commitment to complete my report and get to E-town is one that I won’t subjugate for anything. Families will be here long after an NAR officer leaves their elected position. Still, the “now” in my life is wonderfully amazing. We all need to keep our eye on the future because it seems to be upon us so more quickly each day, but for me, “the now”… the upcoming week… getting to see all of you and doing our Association’s business is exciting and it will be fun too. Seeing Mike graduate will be the icing on the cake!

Safe travels…I’ll see you Washington, DC. — Jim Helsel, 2008 NAR Treasurer