You Are Heard, Posted by Vicki

One of the major reasons I am so proud to be in the leadership of NAR is how member input is sought prior to decisions being made that affect our organization. This week during the Midyear Legislative Meetings I experienced first-hand the most recent example of active member involvement.

We held two forums to collect member input on the process of electing NAR officers prior to the Board of Director Meeting. I was privileged to moderate these sessions. In 2007, then President Pat V. Combs appointed an advisory group to study the NAR election process. This group submitted a comprehensive series of recommendations that was referred to the Nominating Committee.

In order to hear the members’ views on the election reforms being proposed, NAR Leadership scheduled these two forums. It was rewarding to know that so many members are interested in the elections process. The forum held on Tuesday received very high attendance. Many members of the Nominating Committee attended so that they could hear the members’ views. It was evident that the Committee listened carefully. At Thursday’s forum, the Nominating Committee brought forth a set of revised recommendations that took into account many of the comments voiced at the Tuesday forum.

No matter the issue, we value what our members think. This organization is about them. It is the emphasis that we put on our members that makes me so proud to be a leader of NAR and a REALTOR . — Vicki Cox Golder, 2008 First Vice President