Connecting With Our Members, Posted by Dick

Last week, I spent a few days in Sacramento at the California Association of Realtors® business meetings. Before I gave my NAR update to the Board of Directors, I stopped in to talk with the NAR Directors. Rather than give them a similar update, I decided to ask them how they think NAR is doing this year.

To be honest, I expected a fair amount of criticism. After all, it’s a tough market, and this particular group doesn’t pull any punches. To my surprise, the directors praised our efforts this year to communicate and connect with members, especially through e-mail and videos. In fact, I had a number of people throughout the meetings approach me and say how useful our videos and podcasts have been. I was even more excited to hear how members and AEs are using the videos at other businesses meetings.

If you haven’t seen the latest and greatest, I urge you to take some time to visit our video page and the President’s Podcast on the President’s Report. I’ll even let you in on a secret: we are planning to produce several more videos this Summer, covering topics like political fundraising, commercial resources, and our Annual Conference in Orlando. So, keep and eye on your inbox for e-mails from me.

If you have other ideas how we can communicate and connect with members like you, please let us know. Just leave your comments and/or suggestions here. – Dick Gaylord, 2008 NAR President

  1. Dick –
    As a follow-up, how many of those Directors are active Realtors who are “in the street” (not solely managing) on a daily basis?
    Jim Duncan

  2. Dick Gaylord

    All of the NAR Directors are active in the business. Some manage, some buy and sell, many do both.
    One good example is Gary Thomas, who manages and is active on a day-to-day basis.
    If you want more specific information on the individual directors, I encourage you to contact CAR directly.