Working Together, Posted by Vicki

This week, I had the opportunity to represent NAR at the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals at their annual conference in Phoenix, AZ. I participated on a panel that addressed how their members can succeed in this current environment. My focus, however, was on the shared priorities of both of our groups and how we are working together to tackle the major challenges facing our industry.

Right now, the major challenge facing every real estate organization is how we preserve the gains that we have made in homeownership within our communities and how, while working together, that we keep people in their homes.

At the federal level, NAR and NAHREP worked together to pass bills important to the housing industry:

• The Economic Stimulus Act which temporarily raised loan limits to help restore confidence in the market.

• The Housing and Economic Recovery Act, permanently raised loan limits, modernized FHA so that it can work better in today’s marketplace, and created a strong regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

These new laws will help make housing more affordable, and help real estate professionals put more individuals and families into homes. This is a good example of how two organizations can work together at three levels of government to benefit one great nation. — Vicki Cox Golder, 2008 First Vice President

  1. NAR has been so busy trying to get the Bail out approved for the greedy guys who started this whole mess, it seems to me they have forgotten their own members, who pay to keep NAR in business. Now that we have bailed out the millionaires on Wall Street, what does NAR propose to do about the thousands of members that have lost their homes and businesses to the Greed of Wall Street? Shouldn’t NAR be suing Wall Street, on behalf of the all the members of NAR who have lost income, homes and businesses? Another pressing matter is the fact that in certain states including my state of Illinois they have come to an agreement with Countrywide to freeze all foreclosures. This will inevitably cause more realtors to loose more business and freeze the already frozen housing market. It is amazing how everything our government gets involved in makes it worse. NAR should be putting pressure on Congress to force the banks to move to sell their foreclosures within a timely manner for below market value. This move above all others will stimulate the market. We like other Broker’s have had to wait months for any response from the banks. The banks are clogging the housing market with their greedy tactics once again, by trying to cover their loses. It is up to NAR to step up for the realtor’s who have not only lost so much, but for the consumers who could have gotten out of foreclosure, but because of their banks inefficiency and greed have watched as their homes were sold at sheriff’s sales.
    Deb Seitz