Be Flexible, Posted by Pat

Be Flexible – this is the mantra of the turbulent times.

Rolling with the flow and being flexible will get a person much further in this marketplace than taking a firm stand. These are new times and standing firm in the “old” ways and “old” price structures and even “old” financing will not get the desired results anymore. (Results being either getting the home you want or selling your current property).

Remember if you are selling and buying something else – on one of those transactions it will be in “your” market. Sellers who are selling in a “buyer’s market” will have the opportunity to make up a possible loss on the Buy end. The same with a Buyer – so understand this flexible market and open your minds to this new marketplace.

It is time to be flexible in this marketplace. Listen to your Realtor® – they are the experts and can guide you through both sides of this process. — Pat V. Combs, Immediate Past President