Conventional Wisdom, Posted by Pat

These are the days that strain the beliefs we have held over many years and cause us to look at some of the real estate “facts” that we have always held to be the truth.

One of the first things I learned when I got into the real estate business in 1971 was the mantra “Location – Location – Location.” This has held true for many years and still gives us a basis for selection and re-sale in the real estate business. I personally think this mantra is being overwhelmed by “Price – Location – Price” in today’s marketplace.

Today – Price is King. Location is important, but with the inventory so high in many markets, folks are making their decisions based solely on price because so many homes are available in the same locations.

The marketplace is bargain shopping – so seller’s be aware and price your homes to that marketplace if you want to sell! — Pat V. Combs, Immediate Past President

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  2. Heywood

    To Lawrence Yun
    That’s right stick it to the bankers. It’s all their fault that prices are so unrealistically high. Your “profession” certainly should lobby to keep those prices above reality.