Rose Parade ROI, Posted by Jim

Below is a response I shared with Jim Duncan, who recently raised some questions about NAR’s participation in the Tournament of Roses Parade. I wanted to share with those members who read the Voices blog and may have similar questions…

Dear Jim,

As the NAR Treasurer, I am asked from time to time about the costs of a program, service, or project and the decision support information that goes with it. Recently, a few blog posts (yours being one of them) asked about the idea (and the efficacy) for the Rose Parade float so I thought I’d respond to you directly. Attached is a summary of the decision analysis as well as a cost breakdown, which again, is normally discussed just with internal governing bodies at NAR (Leadership Team, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Board of Directors). I waited to get the Neilsen figures to respond to your inquiry.

I can tell you the feedback we’ve gotten so far is the vast majority of the membership is extremely proud of this event (albeit a one-time thing). I’ve been a member of NAR for 25+ years and I understand that some may not agree with this allocation of resources. All I can say is we can agree to disagree, but I very much respect your voice and opinion. This is going to be a tough year for all of us (I’m a commercial guy in Harrisburg, PA and we’re really hurtin’) and we’re trying to listen to all those voices — be they yea or nea.

Jim Helsel
NAR Treasurer

Decision and Cost Analysis
Download file