Put Partisanship Aside, Posted by Vicki

In our personal lives, we all have our own political beliefs. However, when it comes to promoting housing and our industry, as REALTORS, we must check our political affiliation at the association door. Real estate is not a partisan issue. It affects all of us. Therefore, we need to work with lawmakers from both parties.

So no matter how you voted in the last election, now is the time for us all to put partisanship aside and put housing at the top of the new administration’s priorities.

Our NAR President, Charles McMillan, has spent most of his days since the new Congress was seated on January 5th, promoting our housing stimulus plan in Congress and with the new Administration. The great part is that they are listening and incorporating most, if not all, of our ideas. This was particularly true with the release of the 2nd half of the TARP funds.

Prior to leaving office, the Bush Administration worked closely with the Obama Administration to make sure that those additional funds will be focused on what TARP was originally intended to do in the first place — ending the credit crisis, stemming foreclosures and stabilizing the housing market.

We are excited about the renewed efforts to unclog the financial system and get credit flowing once again for homebuyers.

Our economy’s recovery depends on a revival of the housing market. We can’t have one without the other. It is a new day for America, under a new administration. Let’s all work together to make that day a bright one for housing. – Vicki Cox Golder, 2009 NAR President-Elect.

  1. I know you’re up on current events so here is the point. Right now there is virtually no financing for investors buy homes at current reduced prices. Fannie and Freddie reduced their maximum number of loans per person from ten to four. It’s a reactionary move after the fact. Let’s be proactive. Why not go back to ten, where they were till last fall, or even more? Right when America needs more home sales, Fannie and Freddie have shut down a potentially huge source of qualified buyers that could put a massive dent in the number of homes for sale. Cost to taxpayers: $0.
    Thank you.

  2. I TOTALLY AGREEE with the previous post!! We need to get more investors involved so that they can do some owner financing for the millions of people who have lost their jobs and consequently their homes. There are so many homes that need to be fixed up and sold, but are sitting empty, dragging down the neighborhoods AND the market! WHY NOT A TAX CREDIT FOR INVESTORS WHO OWNER FINANCE UP TO TWO HOMES FOR ANYONE, NOT JUST FIRST-TIME BUYERS?