Snowy Days and Mondays, Posted by Ron

Some of you may remember the song “Rainy days and Mondays,” by the Carpenters. Here in New England, this winter has been “Snowy days and Mondays.” Let me tell you about one snowy Monday, yesterday in fact, that was a powerful and encouraging day. Realtor® leaders from New England gathered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the New England Realtor® Conference. It had all of the elements that Realtor® gatherings have right now: a bit of commiseration, a little dry humor, some real concern, and a lot of resolve.

Realtors® from New England were sharing solutions to common problems with Association leadership and the larger real estate market. What struck me is that Realtors® are doers and problem solvers. If there is one thing this economic headache is producing it is some great brainstorming! The Right Tools, Right Now initiative is an excellent example. What also struck me is that Realtors® are always underestimated. If you need to get from point A to point B, call a Realtor®. He or she will get you there and quickly.

When I was a child my grandfather would say to me, “Many hands make light work.” The lesson this Monday was that we can make things happen if we work together, not merely because many hands make light work, but rather the solutions are in our heads and in our hands. When we gather, with purpose and focus, we can work through solutions and create our future.

Real estate has been battered by this economy. It is note worthy that virtually everyone maintains that housing will lead us out of the economic mess. As Realtors® we are ready, willing and able to assume our lead role in the recovery. We simply need to do it.

That was the best part of the Realtor® meeting in New Hampshire. There is a change within us as Realtors®. On this snowy Monday, I saw evidence of what makes us amazing. We have moved from ‘its way beyond us’ to pro-active problem solving. We are fixers and we are fixing again.

The weather is a good teacher. There are seasons, warm temperatures, cold temperatures, wet days, snowy days, sunny days, stormy days, and great days. The economy is the same. On a snowy day in New England, a group of 150 leaders learned again the obvious: we will get through this. Spring is on the way! — Ron Phipps, 2008 NAR First Vice President