Are You All “ATWITTER”?? Posted by Jim

I turned 55 years old last October. For the record, I’m fairly technologically savvy for a guy my age. I can do lots of “things” on my computer and most of my friends call me (unfortunately) when they have problems with their machines. I have a Black(Crack)berry. Yes, I’m addicted to it – I don’t go anywhere without it AND my computer.

Please understand, I believe in the entire concept of social media. It actually makes sense to me. The idea of blogging, email, LinkedIn, text messaging, FaceBook, Twitter and even MySpace have a logic behind them, albeit all for different reasons. I can’t and won’t deny that I’ve wasted more than a few minutes responding to my friends and business associates when any of the aforementioned social networking groups forward a notice that I’ve been pinged, invited to join, had my “wall” written on or been emailed in an attempt to contact me – the reasons don’t matter.

In a world where the speed of communication increases exponentially on a regular basis, I wonder how many ways we’ll find to communicate more effectively (I remember bag phones). Sometimes I worry that I won’t complete my real job because I’ll feel obligated to tell someone that that I just filled my car’s gas tank and that the price of fuel has gone down – in 140 characters or less. Or, I might leave a message on everyone’s wall that “I am preparing to pack for the Midyear Meetings in Washington because I don’t want to miss the Housing Symposium”.

Now, having poked fun at the many social methods of communicating, let me say that I find these new ways of talking to each other, and of promoting ourselves and our business, fascinating. If you haven’t found the reason to use the latest technology-based communication methods, then you are probably behind the times. They all have good reason to exist. It’s just a matter of what works best for you.

Twitter, one of the newest ones, definitely intrigues me. Over the long run, it might even cause users to shorten their communication to what is necessary…if it doesn’t, that’s ok, too. After all, good communication is the basis of everything. Best to everyone. Spring is almost here!! – Jim Helsel, 2009 NAR Treasurer

  1. mike london

    i agree. the truth ( like it or not) is that you HAVE to learn to deal with the modern world to be able to fit INTO it !
    the future is HERE. sometimes hard for us 50 somethings.

  2. Jim, you make perfect sense. I recently created an account on Twitter and is getting my feet wet in this method of communication. Its hard to see how anyone in business can sit back and allow these technologies to pass them by. When you are in the people business, you have to think like the people you want to reach. These days its Myspace, Facebook, blogging, Twitter and the like. We better hop on the train or get left behind.

  3. I’ve been “tweeting” for about two months now and is it ever an education. It’s a brilliant marketing tool, but not an obvious fit for realtors. If the President of the this country could “tweet” I figured I’d better learn too. Glad I did.
    BTW-communicating with NAR is nearly impossible. Just found this blog, yet it too isn’t wide open. Twitter might solve that. Stop hiding behind walls and put it out there so we can contact someone when we have suggestions or issues.

  4. I agree I recently have joined facebook and twitter
    I think its great!
    back to basics in a new updated form. Our bussiness has always been about networking and talking to people. better than snail mail.over 25 years experience.