What a Moonson Taught Me about the REALTOR® Spirit?

Living on the great open desert lands under the blazing Arizona sun is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, I must admit, it isn’t always easy. In fact, just last week, we were hit hard by a terrible and devastating monsoon. All of our power was knocked out. I lost an entire day. My business was put on hold; my work for the Association stopped. I couldn’t do a thing but wait for the storm to blow over. Once it did, it still wasn’t over because then I had to assess my property damage, and then begin the repairs. My initial response was to get frustrated at the monsoon for making me lose a day of work and potentially causing several thousand dollars in property damage.

One good thing about the storm is that I had the opportunity to stop and reflect. I thought about the many members I have met when traveling who have the same look of frustration on their face because of this monsoon of a market. There is no doubt that these are tough times for the economy and for many of us. But then I remembered something that I have known for a long time – we cannot change those things beyond our control. I could not stop this monsoon from happening, but what I could do is not let it ruin my day. The difference is how we respond to it. If we accept that we can’t control the economy or everything that is happening in Congress, then we will make plans for our businesses with that in mind. Now, it may be hard to hear this when this market has been one of the most challenging in a generation, but if you unlock a positive attitude now, when the markets fully recovers, you will be in a better position than if you let frustration get the better of you.

There are hopeful signs on the horizon. The market is beginning to stabilize with existing home sales inching up and prices not falling as fast. We are not by any means out of the woods yet (appraisals are a huge problem, and the commercial market needs help), but if you are not looking at the glass as half full, you won’t be able to recognize the positive signs that many of us are seeing.

Those of us that have been around as a part of this industry for a long time (over 35 years for me) understand that this too shall pass, the market will recover—it always does. It just may look different than it ever has before. But, I can assure you, if you develop a positive attitude now and make the necessary adjustments we all can thrive, no matter what the market holds in our future. – Vicki Cox Golder, 2009 NAR President-Elect

  1. I want to know what percentage of REALTORS have:
    a. full health coverage with a private provider.
    b. full coverage with their State REALTOR association.
    c. partial coverage with a private provider.
    d. partial coverage with their State REALTOR association.
    e. no coverage at all with the exception of Medicare.
    f. no coverage at all.
    g. WANT further health coverage by the Federal Government.
    h. DO NOT WANT further coverage by the Federal Government.
    Would you please take and publish this survey? Since the average age of Realtors is so high, it stands to reason that MOST would be covered by some kind of Medicare or retirement policy. Please ask the membership if they support the NAR position on healthcare reform, and publish the findings!!!