One of My Best Business Investments, Posted by Gary

Sometimes in business I think we can get tunnel vision and not recognize a good investment opportunity when it comes around. An example that is close to my heart is RPAC. I have been contributing to RPAC for years and have been a member of the President’s Circle since its inception in 2004.

I don’t look at my contributions as just handing over money to a particular candidate. I look at them as a wise business investment, just like marketing materials, networking, and continuing education classes.

RPAC serves as the single voice for REALTORS® in the national political process. I know my investment is especially important now, as REALTORS® face a challenging housing market and the leaders in Washington are making decisions critical to our success.

The President’s Circle is an especially powerful RPAC tool. Political Action Committees, like RPAC, can only legally contribute $10,000 per election cycle to a candidate. With the President’s Circle, REALTORS® can invest money directly to REALTOR® friendly candidates over and beyond the $10,000 limit, allowing us to make an even greater impact on Capitol Hill.

The President’s Circle has record-high membership this year with 326 members. But we want to make it to 373. We currently have 20 percent participation in RPAC. However, we want to push that number up to 34 percent. We want to do all of this by October 22, our year-end deadline.

I know this is possible, and I know the extraordinary impact it would have on the businesses each of us run every day. I urge you to go to and learn more about RPAC and the President’s Circle.

Even though power shifts between political parties in Washington, RPAC invests in leaders of both parties who support the real estate business. I know times are tough right now, but RPAC is one investment I won’t be sorry I made. — Gary Thomas, 2009 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs