2010 Leaders Ready to Shine, Posted by Dick

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with NAR’s 2010 Leadership Team. Although the team officially takes office in November, the Summer is an opportunity for them to get together and prepare for the coming year – and to get to know each other a little better – before they meet with association leaders in Chicago later this month.

Although I’m not part of the 2010 team, I’ve worked with every member of the team for several years, and I know them very well. I wanted to give you, our members, a sneak peak at what this new leadership team is like, and what you can expect to hear – and see – from them later this year.

The very first thing that struck me about the team is the incredible diversity in their experiences – and how that is going to help them make the best decisions for members.

As 2010 President Vicki Cox Golder noted: “Not a single one of us has the answer to all of the questions.”

As anyone who has served in leadership will tell you, having different opinions and perspectives ALWAYS leads to better decisions. So having a national leadership team where all areas of the business – land, title, commercial, etc. – are represented is a great service to the members.

For example, 2010 Vice President & Liaison to Committees Brooke Hunt believes that her experience as a sales agent, “being in the car, being in people’s homes, day in and day out” is a great complement to the team.

As CEO Dale Stinton said, “Everybody’s different; everybody has their own point of view. We trust and respect each other.”

I was also struck by how driven the incoming team is – and how passionate they are about serving the members. As 2010 Vice President & Liaison to Government Affairs Vince Malta put it: “We’re type A plus…and, that’s good for the members.”

Although the entire team spends about two-thirds of the year away from home on travel, they all agreed that meeting with members face-to-face is the most incredible experience.

So, what exactly is the team focusing on in 2010? In short – anything and everything that will help us in our businesses!

It should come as no surprise that laws and policies that can help the real estate market are high on the list of priorities. And, as Moe Veissi, 2010 First Vice President says we also need to keep creating new initiatives that help members in the business – like the Second Century Initiatives, and Right Tools, Right Now.

2010 Treasurer, Jim Helsel, also applauds NAR for doing more to communicate with commercial practitioners and for stepping up our visibility worldwide, with a new Senior Vice President for International. These are two areas where we can expect to see even more from NAR in the year ahead.

Perhaps our 2009 President, Charles McMillan, summed it up best, when he said, “This 2010 leadership is going to be responsible for the rise of our members, of the real estate consumer, and confidence in the economy of this nation.”

I couldn’t agree more, and I think you also are going to see a great push to get more new faces into leadership. As 2010 President-Elect Ron Phipps noted, “None of us would be here if we weren’t asked. Someone specifically came to us and said, I think you could do a good job. “

All in all, the spirit of the group is truly remarkable. How they work together is a credit to incoming President Vicki Cox Golder, who is one of the most prepared members I have ever worked with. She always welcomes input and ideas and is a true pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be more excited about this team and the future of our organization.

You’ll be able to watch my full interview with the 2010 Leadership Team, and get a closer look at the theme and goals for 2010, right here on the President’s Report a little later this month, so please check back at the end of August.

In the meantime, I encourage each and every member to get involved now. Call your local, state and national association and ask to be a part of the team that builds a brand new day for real estate in America. Now is our time to shine. – Dick Gaylord, 2009 Immediate Past President