Ten days ago I was in Hawaii, Posted By Jim

When the real estate market struggles, so do we. When I struggle I always go back to my favorite song writer/story teller. Jimmy Buffett has a song (I apologize here if I’ve used this before) called “I Love the Now.” One chorus goes something like this: I love the now (all the ranting and raving); I love the now (all the cussing and craving); It’s the only mess I’ve ever seen; It’s the only place where I know how… I am here for the long haul in real estate. I love the “now” because it gives me reason to reorganize, rejuvenate, relearn, and reload for the days ahead. Ten days ago, when I was in Hawaii, I got rejuvenated about the “now’ thanks to two of our great NAR Affiliates.

I spent three and a half days with IREM and the CI Institute. These two NAR® affiliates bestow the CPM, AMO and CCIM designations to qualified REALTORS® that have taken copious educational courses and that can demonstrate significant practical experience in the management and investment arenas of real estate.

For the fourth year in a row these two groups have held joint conferences for their membership to learn, listen, rejuvenate their minds and network. This year’s conference was billed as the “2009 Success Series”. Suggesting the meetings were appropriately named would be an understatement. I can’t remember being among a group of more qualified individuals. These (mostly) commercial brokers and real property managers not only met the goals of the conference but also found the time to have fun. I suspect the location of the meetings had something to do with the work and frivolity that went on – for some late into the evening.

I was asked to provide roughly 450 attendees with an update on NAR®’s efforts for commercial members. Given a chance to tell others what NAR® is doing is just plain fun for me. Our Association works hard to help its members – both the residential and commercial specialist alike. Like many others, I often complained (note the past tense) that NAR® doesn’t do enough for those of us in the non-residential fields. Now, I espouse the virtues of what our Association does for us. Let me list a few of items I highlighted during my time with IREM and the CI Institute. It would include the Credit Union (www.RealtorFCU.com) , commercial podcasts, the RCA Committee, lobbying Congress to help with liquidity issues, pressing to retain tax laws and regulations that affect both our members and our clients, countless free or “at cost” economic data and professional help through the Right Tools-Right Now program that is being extended for 2010. Let’s not forget www.CommercialSource.com that provides members interested in commercial efforts a separate website with space for property listings at no cost.

NAR will do the same in another ten days when we all gather in San Diego for the REALTORS® Conference and Expo. Come along with me…network, rejuvenate and enjoy sunny California. It’s all about attitude for me – and I’ve got a new attitude that will carry me through to my next transaction – you’ll see how NAR can help your attitude, your business and you so that you’ll love the now too!! — Jim Helsel, 2009 NAR Treasurer