Cycles of Life, Posted by Ron

This past week was one of the best of my entire life. My son Matthew and his wife, Christina gave birth to healthy twin daughters: Nazare and Maria. They were born five weeks early and are still in the Hospital Nursery, but both are breathing and eating on their own. They are so beautiful. Nazare was born first, and she reminds me of her father: high energy, intense, and head strong. (I remember my father’s enjoyment when he meant Matt as an infant. He thought it was good that I get a challenge like Matt…I understand now). Maria is, at this moment, more reserved. They are going to keep their parents busy. Along with their birth, what was also so important about this event was it brought our family together in celebration.

For my family, the gift of the girls is truly AWESOME. Their birth is the renewal of the cycle of life. And, of course, this reminded me of the cyclical nature of the economy and the housing market in particular. This downturn is part of the normal cycle of business. Our goal is the get through it to enjoy the next real estate renaissance.

It is fitting that this birth is happening at the gloaming of the autumn seasons. Leaves have fallen and are blowing as nature prepares for winter. Time is marked by the seasons. This is a time of harvest, which may be one reason why the REALTORS® Conference and Expo is always held in November. As we gather in San Diego in a few weeks, we will harvest the relationships we have built over the seasons by meeting up, and learning what is working in the market place.

As REALTORS®, we are all professionals at various stages of life’s cycle. Some of us are just starting out in the profession; others have been in the industry for several years, even decades. No matter where we are in the cycle, gathering together is essential to revitalizing ourselves.

We have been through a difficult market, and, more than likely, things will still be bumpy ahead. But, going through this challenging cycle without the support of fellow REALTORS® would make it even more difficult. In the truest sense of the word, we are a family, which means we gather together when times are good and bad.

Last year, the REALTOR® family helped my personal family through a very difficult time. This year, my family is celebrating this blessing of birth. The cycle of life changes, and so will our fortunes as REALTORS®.

Soon, spring will arrive, just as tomorrow the sun will rise. The market will get better. It may not be immediately, but that is why gathering our REALTOR family together is so important during the ebbs and flows of life’s many cycles.

I look forward to seeing everyone in San Diego. – Ron Phipps, NAR 2009 First Vice President