Looking Back on Four Incredible Years, Posted by Dick

In just a few days I will conclude my service on the NAR Leadership Team for the past four years.

I have to tell you, this is a bittersweet time for me. As I look back on the last four years, I realize that NAR has always been a member-driven organization, but never has it provided more or better service to REALTORS®.

Our accomplishments this past year are truly incredible. From extending and expanding the tax credit and keeping the higher loan limits to keeping banks out of real estate, and launching Right Tools, Right Now, which is providing so much help for tens of thousands of members, there wasn’t a single area of the industry that we didn’t have an impact.
I look back on this past year with great pride, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank people who made it all possible.

First of all, there has not been one member who I called on to help who said, ”no.” Every single one of you stepped up and made me proud. Thank you for your time, money, and every contribution. Your efforts will continue to pay off for many, many years.
Second, I want you to know that NAR’s tremendous success in recent years is a direct result of the talent and hard work of the NAR staff.

There could not be a better CEO than Dale Stinton. He rolls up his sleeves and always has creative ideas and thoughts. No idea is discarded without thinking it through. Our new consumer web site, HouseLogic.com, and the forthcoming REALTORS® Property Resource, are going to re-define real estate in the years ahead – and they are a direct result of Dale’s vision and leadership.

Dale has built a staff that is second to none. There is not a single staff member you could call on who isn’t completely willing to help you.

Laurie Janik is the best attorney in the country. Her work with the Department of Justice speaks to her incredible talent and professionalism.

In this new business environment, the organization has never communicated as effectively and frequently as it has in recent years. The officers also are communicating more and are so well prepared to talk about the latest development in the market, and that is a credit to Frank Sibley and his communications team.

Jerry Giovaniello is one of the most respected lobbyist in Washington, D.C. To his credit, you know all of our legislative accomplishments – many of which we thought would never happen.
Thanks to Bob Goldberg, not one penny of your member dues goes to support governance activities of the organization. His dealings with our affinity partners has been unbelievable.

On the International front, we are making tremendous strides. We are preparing members through CIPS to do business with many other countries, and we are building on our bi-lateral agreements. All of this is a tribute to Janet Branton and her staff.
Walk Witek has been working diligently to get each of us engaged in calls for action. We are making great progress here, too.

There is no more sought-after speaker in the real estate industry than Lawrence Yun. He is brilliant and available 24/7 to help members. The research that comes out of his department helps us put deals together and gives us an accurate picture of the real estate market.

Thanks to Mark Lesswing, NAR is at the forefront of the technology world. Mark has been a great asset to the organization and has prepared REALTORS® to do business in this new environment. He, too, is available 24/7 to help members.

There are many other unsung heroes – one of them is Doug Hinderer, NAR senior vice president of Human Resources. He has helped numerous associations and companies with personnel matters. Thank you, Doug.

Finally, I want to thank my long-tim friend, Charles McMillan, for the incredible work that he has done this year. I am so proud to have served with Charles.

As I look toward the year ahead, I can honestly say that our Association is in great hands. The 2010 Leadership Team is an incredible group. I’ve worked with Vicki Cox Golder, Ron Phipps, Moe Veissi, Jim Helsel, Brooke Hunt and Vince Malta for many years. Not only are they great leaders, but they represent just about every area of the business. They work in the field every day, so they know our members needs as well as anyone.
Although it is very hard for me to leave the leadership team, I am grateful for the opportunity, and I hope you all will pursue a leadership role in the greatest trade association in the world. – Dick Gaylord, 2009 Immediate Past President

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