Savvy, New Business Resources for Members, Posted by Gary

I’m loving being here in my home state of California for the 2009 REALTORS® Conference and Expo in San Diego.

The Conference officially kicks off today, but there have already been so some exciting announcements for REALTORS® that I’m personally pretty impressed by.

Yesterday at the 59 ½ Minutes Session: A Member & Director Forum, NAR CEO Dale Stinton announced the launch of two cutting edge initiatives that will revolutionize business for members and extend our reach to consumers.

First, Dale talked about the REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR). RPR is a comprehensive database of all properties in the U.S.—not just the ones for sale. It will be an online encyclopedia of information on every single piece of property in our country. And it’s for members only.

REALTORS® will be able to annotate this database, too. No one knows a property like a REALTOR®. So if a member knows a garage has recently been added or the roof has been replaced, he can go into the database and make a note of that.

RPR will be a “living” database and will cover 147 million properties when it goes live in the second quarter of 2010. Be on the lookout.

Second, Dale announced the launch of HouseLogic, a Web site aimed at consumers. The site will help us talk right to consumers and educate and engage them on homeownership issues (even advocacy work!) while also providing free content for members to use on Web sites, blogs, and newsletters. Check it out now.

NAR will officially begin marketing HouseLogic to consumers early next year.
Keep checking back on the “Voices of Real Estate” blog for updates on the Conference. We’re just getting started! — 2009 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs, Gary Thomas