My Holiday Wish for NAR in 2010, Posted by Moe

About two years ago I changed dentists. Not offices, just dentists. You see my long-time dentist was retiring and his son Victor Lowell (who happens to be the brother of Mike Lowell—the third baseman for the Marlins and the Red Sox) a young man I happened to coach in youth leagues, was going to take over.

I learned something that first day in the chair with my new dentist. Victor is a better dentist than his Dad. And I thought his Dad was a great dentist! You might say this is not much of an insight given the advances in schooling and technology, but I disagree.
Some people are more talented than others. Some are a heck of a lot more talented than others. That’s one of the big keys to our lives. Talent comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, and talent matters when applied to your profession and passions!

The talent in our pool at NAR constitutes the beginning and the end of NAR’s value proposition, of our solutions and visions, and is our Brand!

You are the very fabric of the REALTOR® team family. You’ll be called on this year and in the coming years, to use your abilities because, in my eyes, each of you has a special gift.
Being called upon doesn’t always mean someone will ask you to volunteer. It often means that you have to seek the opportunity to serve . If you don’t use your talents, you cheat your teammates, you cheat your family, but most of all you cheat yourself.

You will have opportunities to apply your abilities through your local, state and national organizations this year. We all believe in your talent.

For the NAR team brand equity to grow, NAR must rely on both tradition and innovation from those before you, but most important, from you! When all is said and done, the essence of any team effort is its brand, and in NAR, that’s YOU.

My sincere wish is that you will decide to apply your skills for NAR! Doing that will advance the NAR brand, but more importantly, will advance your business Big Time!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the very best of this Holiday season! — Moe Veissi, NAR 2010 First Vice President