My Holiday Wish for NAR in 2010, Posted by Vince

Happy Holidays! I’m Vince Malta, the 2010 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs. As one of the newer members of the NAR Leadership Team, I’ve come to be even more convinced that member involvement is essential to getting the housing market and the economy back on track. Here are a couple of things that never would have happened this past year without the hard work and commitment of members:

  • Extending and expanding the homebuyer tax credit
  • Banning banks from getting involved in the real estate business
  • Watching the Broker Involvement Program soar to nearly 3,000 members

These are tremendous successes that REALTORS® accomplished in a very challenging year. As we look to the future and dream about the year to come, my holiday wish for NAR is one that I share with NAR President Vicki Cox Golder.

She wants to further the reach of REALTORS® on Capitol Hill and urge more members to join the Broker Involvement Program. This program gives brokers the opportunity to send personalized NAR Calls for Action to their agents under their own name and logo.
When brokers send out messages to their own agents, we see the CFA response rate rise significantly. Vicki doesn’t want just 4, 000 brokers or even 5,000 brokers involved in the program. By the end of 2010, she wants 6,000 brokers signed up! That will greatly increase our influence in Washington. Brokers, if you have not registered for the Broker Involvement Program, you can do it today by going to

The challenges and opportunities in 2010 will be great. As Congress concludes its debate on health care reform, the reformation of Fannie and Freddie, real estate taxation, commercial real estate, and regulatory reform will take center stage. We need your involvement, your commitment, and your ideas to once again meet the challenges we have with each of these monumental issues.

Now, I have a question for you. When you look back at 2010, what will you want to see as our greatest accomplishment? Go ahead and tell us below on the blog. – Vince Malta, 2010 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs

  1. Vince this is a great update and approach. I agree we need a bigger voice to accomplish our goals in 2010. The CFA broker approach make a lot of sense. I will go to the Action Center and do my part. Thanks for the info.