My Holiday Wish for NAR in 2010, Posted by Brooke

The holidays bring about thoughts of family. Some of us are blessed to have family to spend this special time of year with, others may not be as fortunate. Tonight while spending time with my family, my brother, sister and I had a moment to reflect on how our family has expanded exponentially with our circle of friends. Friends are an important part of most families, and we are not exceptional in that regard.

In September 2001, our state convention was to be held in Dallas, Texas. It was only a few days after September 11….a day etched in the minds of all Americans. We debated on whether or not to cancel the convention. But we decided to move forward, as all Americans were concluding that moving forward was what we could do best.

Our numbers were down, mostly because there was no air travel at the time and Texas is a pretty big place. We have always held a Prayer Breakfast on the Sunday morning of our convention, but that particular day was one that no one in attendance will forget. You see, in the midst of a crisis, unprecedented in my time, we all realized that while we left our own families to do the work of REALTORS®, we were actually with our extended REALTOR® family.

That may sound corny to many reading this, but when I am in a tough fight I cannot think of anyone I would rather have standing with me than my family. When times are tough, I can count on those who I trust. Times have been tough for most of us this past year. But when the going got tough, NAR did not hunker down and tighten up….as a matter of fact NAR opened the door of opportunity to all of our members with the Right Tools Right Now program, offering member benefits like never before.

When business was a challenge in many parts of the country, members also made their voices heard on Capitol Hill, and we saw the tax credit not only got extended, but also expanded to help in the recovery of the housing market.
The “all real estate is local” message is being heard across this country and the consumer is finally getting the message. The NAR public awareness campaign continues to send a positive message to consumers and is again one of the best values for REALTOR® membership we could ask for.

As an individual, I could not achieve any of this on my own. I know it is a collaborative effort on behalf of nearly 1.2 million REALTORS®. You are my other extended family (thank you all for not expecting holiday greeting cards from me). With you, I know I can stand proud and firm going into 2010, and I wish you all the same feeling this year.

While I work at selling homes to my clients, I know there are other people working daily with Congress and the regulatory groups to make my business better. My part in the family circle could seem small, but it’s very important. I contribute to RPAC, which an investment in my business, and answer the NAR Calls to Action, which are a mere click of the mouse. Time: Two minutes maximum. Results: Priceless!

You see, this IS my family…my business…and my future. I intend to take control of all three and I invite you to do the same. Saying you are a REALTOR® is more than just a “trademark”, consider it your family crest!

Wishing you all a prosperous 2010!– Brooke Hunt, NAR Vice President and Liaison to Committees