Designing the Future: NAR’s Public Policy Agenda, Posted by Vince

This week NAR will conduct a Town Hall Meeting with REALTORS® from across the country to discuss the results of our annual public policy survey.  At the meeting, we will rank the legislative and regulatory policy issues that affect our members and industry.

The survey asked members their opinion of various public policy issues.  The over 30 issues included: Mortgage Interest Deduction, Capital Gains Exclusion on Principal Residence, Short Sales, Home Valuation Code of Conduct, Small Business Health Coverage, Commercial Real Estate Lending, Available and Affordable Property Insurance, and Conforming and FHA Loan Limits.

This week the survey results will be posted on  As soon as our 2010 Public Policy Agenda is finalized, we’ll also post it on the Government Affairs page.

Town Hall meetings like these represent the best of what NAR stands for.   We exist for one reason:  To make our members more successful.   With that being said, the motor of NAR’s public policy agenda is YOU — our members.

What do you believe are the most important policy issues that the National Association of REALTORS® needs to focus on in 2010?  Form your own Town Hall below and get the conversation going!

And stay tuned to the President’s Report this week for more news on the Town Hall and other NAR issues. – Vince Malta, 2010 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs

  1. protecting home mortgage tax deduction!

  2. I think we need to implement a verified agent to agent and consumer to agent feedback/rating system NOW – honest & verifiable reviews would increase professionalism of our industry and decrease the public’s commoditization of our business – so many consumers think we REALTORS are all the same.

    Almost every other industry has or is in the process of being rated – if we do it right ourselves then we become the trusted resource. It also gives us an opportunity to respond to criticism – take a look at NewEgg’s system – when a user leaves a bad rating the manufacturer can publicy address it. That’s powerful.

    No agent can be 100% but I don’t see anyone using any other rating systems looking for 100% – they are looking for solid ratings and overall solid feedback – in fact, some negative feedback helps reinforce the authenticity of the whole system.

    We have bad REALTORS in our midst. We all complain about them. A feedback system would allow market forces (consumers) to help weed out our bad apples and improve our industry as a whole.

  3. Nobu Hata

    Aside from keeping homes affordable with FHA legislation, how about an uptick in Professional Standards? We need to be trusted resources in the home buy/sell process again, rather than people who just “open the front doors.”

  4. Outstanding!

    NAR leadership absolutely needs to get out into the country to see what we humble members are thinking. Listen and engage.

  5. I notice that this blog is “nodofollow” indicating either a lack of understanding or arrogance. All big PR REALTOR sites should be”do follow” for the member’s benefit.

  6. “We exist for one reason: To make our members more successful. With that being said, the motor of NAR’s public policy agenda is YOU — our members.”

    I think a healthy economy promotes more successful Realtors. NAR needs to rethink its focus about consumers in the foreclosure arena. NAR sees TWO buckets: BUYERS who can purchase distressed properties, and SELLERS who have various options in a sales process. The HOMEOWNER WHO WANTS TO KEEP HIS HOME deserves a bucket. There is scant consideration paid to this consumer.

    Stacey Moncrieff and I have discussed this on the Realtor Magazine blog last year.

  7. How do we participate in the Town Hall Meeting?

  8. Surprised at the lack of comments too. I think NAR is reaching out to listen, as the members have requested, but where are they now?

    I do have one question, how will this Town Hall be conducted? Webinar? Livestream? Just wondering. Thanks.

  9. How can we attend this town hall?

  10. Laura Bowen

    The Town Hall is being conducted here in Washington, D.C., as we speak, with several hundred REALTORS who are engaged in NAR’s Public Policy efforts.

    To Ken’s point, the NAR Leadership Team travels to literally dozens of state associations throughout the year. Although they are usually asked to provide an update, they often take questions from the audience and they want to hear your thoughts and ideas at those meetings.

    We keep a list of upcoming speaking engagements posted on the President’s Report page of It’s a bit hard to find, so I’ve posted the link below, if you would like to bookmark it.

    Thanks to all who are commenting — we love the feedback and discussion!

  11. 1 – I wish we’d known about this town hall. I might have driven to DC to attend.
    2 – The time stamps on the NAR blog are off by a bit … 🙂

  12. Timestamps are way off. I made my comment this morning and it was held in moderation for a couple of hours.

    PS. I think the moderation kills any dialogue, especially if it takes a long time to release comments.

  13. Perhaps NAR could find benefit in building trust with consumers by somehow showing and giving a sympathetic and compassionate nod to those who are financially strugling with keeping their homes (either through loan mods or short sales) and, but of course, to those who have already lost their homes to foreclosure.

    Our country is experiencing its worst economic crisis ever and, as we know, many are suffering. Sure, Realtors may know its a good time to buy a home (this seems to be the current ad campaign) but just think how that message comes across to those who have already lost theirs or who are in imminent danger of losing theirs.

    Our country will recover from this great recession and in time those who have lost their homes will, hopefully, once again be financially stable and credit worthy to purchase anew. Let’s start rebuilding that trust now!