Who will win BIG? Posted by Vicki

By now, you know that one of my goals for 2010 is to have 6,000 brokers signed up for the Broker Involvement Program.  A member recently asked me why I thought brokers were so important to our advocacy.

If you take a look at NAR’s the last call for action (on the tax credit), the impact of the BIP is pretty compelling.  Of all the members who responded, nearly one quarter came through the Broker Involvement Program.  And, several of those brokers have response rates over 50 percent.

Now, we realize that agents won’t respond on every issue.  But, in most cases, we have found that members are more likely to respond when they are asked directly by the broker.  That’s why getting more brokers enrolled in the program so vitally important.

To help achieve our goal in 2010, we have announced friendly contest called the REALTOR Party BIG Competition.  Here’s how it works…

We are setting up BIG teams of REALTORS in every state.  Teams will be asked to identify brokers who can participate in the program and will submit that information online at RealtorActionCenter.com.  NAR will follow-up with state teams to schedule one of our BIP speakers to meet with that state’s brokers.

Each month, the BIG team will receive a report summarizing where they stand relative to their goal, which related to the overall number of agents and brokers in that state.  At the Annual Conference, I will announce the winners.

I’m really excited about this contest, and I ask that you help your state teams meet their goals.  If you are an agent, talk to your broker about participating in the program.  And, if you are a broker, please join.  For more information, visit RealtorActionCenter.com.

This contest is just one of many ideas that came to us from members – just like you.  I want to give a special “thank you” to Bill Arnold, a fellow REALTOR in Arizona, who brought this idea to me.  If you have an idea that can make NAR more effective, please let us know.  We want to hear from you!   Vicki Cox Golder, 2010 NAR President

  1. Sarah Ellis


    This sounds like a great idea! I really like how you took input from Bill to created this wonderful program. Its great to know you are listening. Thank you!


  2. Good morning,
    This morning I watched President Obama signing the Jobs bill. He mentioned the people and business who does not have jobs. Since we have the housing crisis I have not heard one person from Washington neither any NAR officials talk about over million Realtors who are struggling to make the ends meet. Is this not something our RPAC, NAR leaders and the our lobbyist in Washington bring attention too?