Understanding Healthcare Reform, Posted By Vicki

Yesterday Congress approved the last of two health reform bills.   The “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act” makes changes to the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” which President Obama signed into law on Tuesday.

The “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act” now goes to the President’s desk for his signature.

Based on the e-mails I have been getting from you, it appears that REALTORS® feel the same way about the bill as most Americans – some like it, some don’t, and most are confused about what exactly it means for them.

Love it or hate it, the new law has many provisions that will affect how we get healthcare and what we will pay.

We have updated the Health Reform page on Realtor.org with a new summary and FAQ that can help you understand what options you will have under the new exchange.  I urge you to read these materials and share them with your fellow REALTORS®.

In the meantime, I welcome you to share your thoughts here on how the new laws are affecting you.  – Vicki Cox Golder, 2010 NAR President

  1. Tim

    I spent 20 years in the Marines and now get government health care called Tricare. My doctor just stopped servicing me and my family and anyone using Tricare (this includes all military families) because Tricare pays so little, turns down so much and pays so late.

    Rationing is being provided by the doctor. Great insight on what will happen to everyone once the government controls everyones health care.

  2. I am disgusted and totally dissapointed in the NAR for not objecting to the Obama care bill. It represents a government takeover of nearly 20% of our economy and will help to bankrupt this country. Its not my problem that 1 in 4 Realtors don’t have coverage and the goverment certainly does not have the right to force them to get coverage or be fined. This bill is a monster and it will also kill jobs. You people at the NAR should be ashamed of yourselves for not opposing this vigorously. I will be resigning from the NAR and I will be aggressively trying to get others to follow me. The NAR has never made a worst mistake. I now put you in the same category as AARP.

  3. Rod Haley

    Almost 50% of those who filed for bankruptcy in a recent study cited medical bills or illness as a reason. However 75% of those bankrupted had health insurance when they became ill but lost the insurance in the course of their illness. If these statistics don’t establish a need for a program or some type of restructuring, I don’t know what would.

  4. Paul Kellett

    I find it interesting that The discussion of cost is not flushed out better. This is not a foreign aid health care bill, this is for US taxpayers. The same taxpayers who foot the bill now. And even if healthcare is provided to someone who is not covered now, it will save us all money in the very near future. If Joe sixpack cholesterol is high but currently does nothing about it because he cannot afford to see a doctor- he will have a heart attack. Joe (even without Obama care) is rushed to the hospital gets all sorts of tests and operations that he has no way of paying for. We The Taxpayers pick up Joe’s bill right now, The hospital cannot deny him service, so who is paying. Yes, we already have socialized medicine, but without a real plan. The hospital charges me right now $600. for an emergency room visit to get 3 stitches in a cut. NEVER see let speak to a doctor, a nurse practitioner does the sewing, I ask why so much? The hospital says cause so many of the people coming through the door don’t pay a dime..I have health insurance, $5000 deductable because blue cross for my family is more than a mortgage on a $250,000. house. We do need a change, and don’t kid yourself, everyone pays for health care no matter what.

  5. Roman Nowakiwsky

    I am a realtor that has health insurance for my family and the cost of it is $28,000 per year. I was anxious to read any NAR analysis of the HR 4872 bill. I followed all the links to websites stated in the NAR message and nowhere was there an explanation or an understanding of the bill that was passed. No one knows what was passed and no one knows what awaits us. I will be the first to acknowledge that everyone should be insured but I seriously doubt that this government has the capability to produce such a program. Lots of talk but very little know how. As realtors know, it takes a do’er to get things done and our legislators are NOT do’ers. Our legislators could not begin to explain to their constituents how this will affect the average American. They just voted along party lines with no clue on how to get this done. Their explanation is “that they are acting on a historical or monumental act”. They are correct, as history will show that they acted in ignorance and brought down a great country. I was disappointed that NAR’s website kept sending me to “Health Care Reform Page” but that only had statements that HB4872 was passed, then another gave me the vote counts but no explanation of how this “Reform” will work. It won’t. DISAPPOINTED IN COLORADO

  6. I for one am sick and tired of the people ranting against insurance reform, just to rant. They are anti anything but themselves. They do not care about anyone, but their own hatred of people They believe anything Fox News says. They hate anyone that is capable of reading for themselves. There are no death panels but themselves.

  7. I recently read an article in the Seattle paper Spokesman-Review. This article speaks about a transfer tax on the sale of a principal residence of 3.8% paid at closing on the sale price. This tax will go to help support the new health care bill. Please let me know if this is in the huge 2700 page HC bill. Any one with an answer?

  8. Jim Bowen

    I was just reading where the new Obama Health Care bill will require a 3.8% mandatory tax payment on the closing of any residential purchase. The news article also said it was to be paid when buying as well as selling a home. This huge impact on the industry makes me wonder why the NAR was behind it. Hopefully the journalist was wrong, but the word is out among frineds of mine so it may be true. I had better rethink my marketing plan when that goes into effect.

  9. Dear NAR,
    What are we doing about the purposed 3.8 % to 4% tax that the government wants to ad to home purchases. They are going to use the money to fund the health care bill? We should as a group fight this!

    This should be a sales tax accross the board not just on home sales, then the home owner pays for everyones health insurance instead of taxing cigaretts and liquor, fuel and groceries, things the all of us use. That would spread the burden of the health care bill more evenly by all who would benefit from it.
    Best regards,
    Trish Rhodes
    RE/MAX St Croix USVI

  10. This government takeover of our healthcare system is horrible. We are all going to see a rationing of care managed by over 100 NEW federal government agencies. We the people will bear this cost and we the people will surffer from a lack of services. We are headed down the road of an economy like Greece where the government provides SO MUCH, paid by taxes that are unbelievably high and productivity is nil.

    Socialism fails again and again and yet we are steamrolled into this as CHANGE!!

    Taxed Enough Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Renee Ryan-Edwards

    I’m not sure what our options are if we don’t have mandated health care of some type. Am I crazy about all of it? No, but until the Housing Crisis, most of the bankruptcy I saw seemed to be health care based, due to lack of coverage or not enough.
    The news seems to let us know that Alzheimer’s alone will bankrupt Medicare in less than 10 years, and that does not include any other illnesses.
    Instead of blaming everyone, get involved and find solutions! It’s much more complicated than anyone would think.
    I believe our Representatives are doing their best, but to do better they have to NOT be making decisions bi-partisan and making decisions on what we see in the future and current needs.

  12. I am a Senior (and an active Realtor) on Social Security & Medicare and am thankful every day for that, and having said that, I am totally in favor of National Health Care. If the opposition chooses to call it Socialized Medicine — SO BE IT- is that a sin? If other civilized countries around the globe can have it, why can’t we — are we UNcivilized? JFK once said (not an exact quorte) that if a civilized nation cannot help its many who are poor, it cannot save its few who are rich.

    Many who are in opposition to National Health Care like to find quotes, legitimate or otherwise, from people saying they are not happy with their National Health Care, but I dare say nothing could be as stagggeringly bad as what the many people in our own United States of America are suffering in either not having any insurance at all, or find themselves with private insurance costs that are nothing short of egrecious. Is our moral fiber so poor that we do not care about anyone but ourselves? How in the world did we get to this point?

  13. Di

    I am retired and have my own private insurance which I am happy with and do not want to change. I do think that in my case the NAR will cost me more in taxes as that is how the government will pay for the trillions of dollars it will cost to run the program. As someone said, people already have free medical care if they cannot afford to pay for it. There are programs, both federal and state, that help these people. After all it is illegal to refuse medical care. Yes, other countries have their own type of NAR but it is the people who are taxed that pay for it — they pay high taxes (40%) in some cases. So everyone that is for this NAR see what you all will say in a year or so. I do agree that we need a change in medical care cost, but is this the way? I for one do not think so.