Legacy Defined, Posted by Charles

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak to two very different audiences on the same topic:  Leadership.

The first audience was the Equal Opportunity & Cultural Diversity Forum, which hosted an open discussion on how we can foster a new generation of leaders.

I conveyed a few pieces of advice to this group.  First, I encouraged them to be patient – change in any organization takes time.  Second, I invited them to volunteer and build relationships with staff by offering to help with anything and everything.

Finally, and most importantly, I shared a piece of advice that has proven to be most valuable to me:  Don’t take things personally.  Leadership can be tough, and there is a good chance that people are going to say things that hurt your feelings.  If you take it personally and quit, no one benefits.  The best course is to get over it, and move on!

On Wednesday, I had the chance to speak to the class of new NAR Directors.  I noted how much the face of leadership had changed since NAR was founded in 1908.

I shared with them a story about a board meeting I attended at my local association years ago. I came into the room and noticed an extra chair at the table, and so I moved it.  Soon the chair re-appeared, and I moved it again.  When the chair re-appeared a third time, I left it there, frustrated.  When our president began the meeting, she explained that the chair was there to remind us whom we serve.  That’s where the average member sits.

I am proud that we have so many new members who want to be engaged in leadership.  Looking at the REALTORS® in those meetings, I feel confident that we will see many new and dynamic leaders in the years ahead.

I see the future of our organization and our industry, and I couldn’t be more proud of the legacy we are building.  – Charles McMillan, 2010 NAR Immediate Past President