Holiday Wish: REALTORS®…The Ultimate Security System!, Posted by Bill

CameraIn a previous life many years ago, I had a rather unique job. I installed security systems in Beverly Hills, California.  Some of my more famous clients included Elvis Presley, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Jimmy Stewart.

Flash forward 37 years.  Now that I’m a REALTOR® and heavily involved in our industry, I realize that security for property owners goes way beyond a security system.  It starts right at the heart of NAR’s mission:  protecting property rights for Americans.

My holiday wish for NAR and for all members is that we continue to ardently pursue our mission because I’m convinced that what NAR does is good for America.

Ultimately every single person in the United States benefits from our efforts.  Whether a person owns property or aspires to, whether she’s a builder or investor, or whether he’s a tenant or rents vacation property, NAR achieves victories that affect everyone’s way of life.

Property owners already pay a significant percentage of the U.S. tax bill.  That’s why NAR watches out for legislation that would increase taxes, assessments, fees and any other cost of doing business in the real estate industry.  In this difficult economy, we need to keep costs down for Americans.

Rising costs don’t just affect property owners, either.  When costs get increased on property owners, they ultimately get passed on to tenants.

I also believe that as the ultimate “security system” for real estate NAR can help our nation recover quicker from this economic slump.  History shows that real estate has helped the U.S. dig out of past recessions.  The number of jobs that are directly and indirectly related to the real estate industry is mind boggling.  If we focus on fixing real estate, I believe we can get more people like architects, masons, and interior designers back to work and get our economy back on track faster.

Although this is my holiday “wish,” I have no doubt that it will come true.  NAR has been protecting property owners, REALTORS®, and consumers for over 100 years.  In 2011, we will forge ahead with our mission and keep the surveillance high.

Because of the good work we do for REALTORS® and all Americans, I can’t adequately express how proud I am to be a member of NAR’s Leadership Team.  I’m thrilled to be working this coming year to make our industry better, safer, and healthier.

All the best to you this holiday season! – Bill Armstrong, 2011 NAR Treasurer

  1. Steve Lang

    Great points Bill. I agree that real estate will have a critical role getting us moving again. I’ve just retired from law enforcement after 30 + years and am looking forward to getting back in the market ASAP. I’ll do my part in helping you all as I started “Safe and Sound Life”. We conduct mental preparedness training for Real Estate Professionals. Keep up the great work and all my best to you for a sucsessfull 2012.

    Steve Lang