Less Talk, More Listening, Posted by Ron

One of my goals for 2011 is to listen more.  If you tuned into my latest podcast, you heard me say that I encourage you to e-mail me with thoughts and questions.  That’s a very sincere request, and I encourage all of you who are reading this blog to take it to heart.  You can reach me at rphipps@realtors.org, and you can e-mail any of the officers at presidentsreport@realtors.org.

In a couple of weeks, we are going to take our open-door policy to a whole new level.  At 3:00 p.m. eastern time on January 24th, we will be hosting our very first LIVE Leadership Town Hall.  It’s open to all REALTORS, and registration is easy:  http://www.realtor.org/about_nar/presidents_report/town_hall_01242011

The 24th just happens to be the day before President Obama’s State of the Union Address, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to share with you what our legislative priorities are and hear what you think.  I hope all of you will join us on the 24th at 3:00 p.m. and make it a point to share your thoughts with us, via e-mail or right here on the blog.

Together, I am confident that we can address the challenges we are facing and seize a brand new day for real estate and our nation. – Ron Phipps, 2011 NAR President.

  1. Thanks for your openness, Ron. I’m looking forward to your leadership in 2011!

  2. I am unable to register for your “Less Talk” event, website unavailable. Suggestions?

    Ragina Hoover
    Century 21 Award
    (760) 717-8042

  3. Robert Anna

    NAR membership reached 1,357,732 in 2006 and has been well over one million since 2004. Why is it that there are no COMPREHENSIVE MAJOR MEDICAL INSURANCE plans offered to members? Are limited medical insurance plans such as RCHI are the best we can ever expect from NAR?

  4. Stephen Antoni

    Thank you for all that you have done for the membership, and for all the new ideas and innovations that you are bringing to us this year. It will be a great year for NAR and it’s members. Moe, you got some big shoes, I mean boots to fill !

  5. Jana Miracle

    What can NAR do to protect our commisions in REO transactions?

    The listing agents for low price REO properties in our area are co-broking at 2.5% – 2.25 %. I’m sure this is all the REO banks are agreeing to pay. (The HAMP program requires 3% to both sdies.) As more REO’s come onto the market in 2011, I can see REO commissions being even lower.

    As Buyer’s agents in REO transactions, we are doing the lion’s share of all the work required (researching, finding & providing Condo and HOA Docs and HOA contact information, coordinating for all sides with title companies, etc.) and then we are compensated like a limited service broker.

    It’s very frustrating to have the cause of the market conditons continue to be greedy, and abusive to Realtors who are working so hard!

  6. Mary Englund

    I’m so glad to hear this new “listening” policy. Hope you really mean it! What is NAR doing to protect it’s members from losing their businesses during this financial crisis? I recently talked with a bankruptcy attorney and he told me his practice is made up of largely Realtors and Mortgage Brokers who’ve have been hit especially hard in this mess. My own home has been in foreclosure in the last few months, and at the same time my local association thinks this is the time to hit us with a “special assessment”, to protect against a long-term problem that “might” hurt our industry. We are doing great things for first-time buyers, and the public. What are we doing to help our own members who are leaving the industry in droves due to the financial crisis?

  7. Jordan Mossa

    There is no formula behind housing situation…higher employment rate more houses will sell. period!

  8. Carolyn Bryant

    I Would like to sign up for the January 24th Leadership Call…please tell me how. Carolyn

  9. We Realtors have all had to cut back on offices, expenses, advertising etc. But our Association has NOT, they still have the same building, they have MORE Realtors than 9 years ago when I joined (more dues coming in). But they have not cut back on staff, or the expensive glossy monthly magazine. They charge us Realtors MORE and seem to be doing less. A lot of Realtors have been forced into Bankruptcy and cannot afford to pay their dues,they just want access to the MLS, and do not need the Association, we are forced to have both, plus the Supre Key yearly fee has also gone up….while all the time our commissions are going down & down. How do you expect us to survive?
    Does The Realtor Association care about their Realtors?

  10. Please sign me up for the 24th.

    And I have to agree with and add to Jordan Mossa’s comment on the 13th. Not much is going to change until umemployment figures improve and consumer confidence rises.

  11. Renee' Bubetz

    I see a couple people have spoken about the board dues and now they are due in december rather than january, and they are heart less perhaps they can break them down into 2 or 3 payments or work with those of us who have belonged to thier board for 20+ years. Times are hard for all and they should consider what they can do for those who have keep them in a job.
    Also pls see what you can do to keep our costs down like having to buy a whole new key system every couple of years and why the key industry can change so much. I am interested in your town meeting i will be there if you tell us how pls.

  12. Amy Merritt

    Small companies need HELP. A NAR search for a local agent will not produce small companies servicing a given zip or location. The search will only find one of the bigger firms or agents that BUY their position and generally do not even service that area. NAR should treat small companies the same way the telephone company does – list our names in smaller print, but at least list us. We don’t even give Realtor.com info to customers any more because of this.

  13. Rebecca Hill (BECKY)

    Love the openness of this idea, Ron. Thanks for your leadership!

  14. Could you help! I have two clients who may lose out on a chance to close on their dream home because the government hasn’t passed the budget. The budget for USDA Rural Development funds for single family homes. This was supposed to be passed in September! Could you all get in touch with Mike Michaud Congressman at 1-202-782-3704 or Chelli Pinegree Congresswoman at 207-773-0155 to push to get this budget passed.

  15. The market will continue to drag along the bottom until the foreclosure parade stops. Rock bottom prices of distressed properties distract qualified buyers from the sellers who just want a fair price for their treasured family homes.
    An Associated Press article in yesterday’s Providence Journal predicts 2011 to be a record year for foreclosures, exceeding the million or so in 2010. This is insanity. Where will it end?

  16. I’m in agreement with Ann Merritt’s Jan. 13th comment – positions on Realtor.com are “paid” positions despite the fact that NAR’s Realtor.com is supposed to be there for all of us. It’s a shame that a association that our dues support and run exploits its own members through charging brokerages/agents to get exposure. That’s not an association, that’s a “business.”

  17. Dick Parins


    Glad you are listening. Here is my biggest concern:

    I was very interested to read the article about MLS survival in the latest NAR Newsletter. The points covered are all spot on. One thing not covered however is that the NAR is part of the problem. By continually fracturing the on-line and media presence of REALTORS the NAR dilutes the potential impact of all that we do. For example how would anyone know that HouseLogic or Move.com are Realtor undertakings? Is that even clear to your members? Everything we do on-line should be clearly tied to Realtor.com in its presentation to members and customers alike. I would go so far as to rename the organization REALTOR.com. No one cares what the acronym NAR stands for and our clients and customers don’t care. Every time you say or write NAR you are missing an opportunity to say or write REALTOR.com.

    One reason web sites like Trulia or Zillow can compete is that the NAR is not sufficiently focused on its number one asset which is REALTOR.com. The fight in the on-line trenches is for the eyeballs of people that already believe in homeownership. The number one objective of NAR today should be that anyone looking for real estate looks first and last at REALTOR.com. For starters it should be the on-line portal to all things REALTOR.

    Good luck and thanks for your dedication to the NAR. (Wouldn’t it be better if I said REALTOR.com)

  18. Fred Huenefeld

    Ron, It is imperative we return to Glass Steagel Act, which separated Commerical and Investment Banks in 1933 and was removed in 1999 as result Debt and financial problems have exploded, and much more to come–La Realtors called this week for NAR to join in return to said Act–I have testified in New Orleans at Research committee who want to do something but are going to study –facts are already on table and if NAR doesn,t get on top of this , we will see a new dark age, and won,t need NAR–For sake of our Nation and civilization, put this on top burner–Fred Huenefeld, monroe, La—-

  19. Ron, I am so frustrated with how banks make decisions. Policies that are not logical either have hidden agendas or are just poor policies. Recently another home owner lost his home when it was not needed. They lost their job and got behind on payments foreclosure started and dad steped in offering to buy out the mortgage but the bank added on $15,000 in late fees and penalties bringing it to $145000. House was worth maybe 120,000 dad agreed to buy at. Appraised price but bank would not even discuss it with him with out a 10% no refundable deposit. The deal went no where and they lost the home a few months later it comes on the market and sells for 110,000. Well over a $30,000 loss to the bank and pushing values in the area even lower. Why can’t we talk to the banks and see if policies can be formulated with some logic in them and it even make financial sense I’m sudre this is not an isolated case

  20. Ron, I just found your podcast and am starting to tune in. I like the variety of opinions and intellectual points on each view is refreshing, keep it going.