NAR Works for YOU, Posted by Ron

You are working harder than ever to close transactions and earn a living.  While you are working to help buyers and sellers in your markets, we’re working day in and day out to make real improvements to your business.


  1. We’re unlocking credit markets.  As a direct result of our meetings with the four largest banks in America, at least one bank has loosened credit restrictions.  (We’re still working on the short sales and foreclosure problems).
  2. We launched a national campaign to counter attacks on home ownership.  From our Public Awareness Campaign to ads connecting housing to jobs, we are winning the debate.  Potential buyers are getting off the sidelines and into the market, and that has a direct impact on your bottom line.
  3. We are creating jobs and boosting the economy.  We have met with officials in Congress and at the White House non-stop to explain why home ownership is important and policies that support it should remain in place.  Our voice is being heard.  In our latest meetings with the Obama Administration, officials agreed that any changes to the secondary mortgage market must preserve a healthy housing market and economic recovery.
  4. We’re reaching consumers in YOUR cities.  In March, we are kicking off our first-ever bus tour.  We realize our national outreach can only do so much.  We need to work with you, in your cities, to reach consumers and strengthen our markets.

Is our work paying off?  You decide.

Since we began our efforts last fall, existing home sales have risen steadily.  In fact, 49 states say sales rose in the fourth quarter of 2010.  Word has it that home sales are up again in January.

This recovery is happening in spite of continued high unemployment and tighter than normal credit markets.  And, we are determined to keep moving forward.

Apparently, home ownership still is a core American value.  And, thanks to America’s REALTORS®, who have consistently raised our voice on important housing issues, it looks like it will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

So, the next time someone asks you what you get for your $80 in NAR dues, tell them you get a team that is working seven days a week with the government and industry partners to raise home sales to 6 million in 2011.  That’s what we’re hoping to achieve, and that’s the value of NAR to your business.  – Ron Phipps, 2011 NAR President

  1. I know one thing you are not doing. Instead of throwing millions away on tv ads to hire a realtor how about putting pressure on Fannie Mae and other banks to accept docu sign? It’s the law and we continue to abide by banks rules. I have been yelling from the roof tops but nobody hears me.

  2. charles slade,realtor

    Hello,Keep up all your good work!! Your doing a great job,regards,Charles Slade,Realtor in Farmington,Connecticut

  3. Faith

    I truly believe that the NAR is LYING about the number of sales and the impact of the short sales and REOs on the market. Have heard chief economist speak and believe he is clueless. The issues that are now surfacing with the under reported market influences could totally topple the NAR and force the entire organization to go under.

  4. MrStyle

    NAR and all the dues associated with being a Realtor are a waste. They charge too little for nothing. Buying a green building with our dues which costs 50% more than any other building is theft. Our dues should not be over $500 in fact they should be less than $100 for the benefits we get every year.

  5. Gary O'Neal

    After 33 years in the business, I’ve watched NAR concentrate more on Advertising, which only occasionally reaches our Palm Springs market than on tools that help the members. But that’s not a complaint, even though most of my clients still don’t know that the Realtor designation is no guarantee of anything except some knowledge of the NAR Code of Ethics, I said knowledge, not practise. For instance, for years now, we Realtors have been held hostage by Supra/GE’s lock on the lockbox market with no help from NAR. It is long past time for NAR to invest some of our hard earned money to develop a system which will replace GE’s with one which does not escalate our annual costs at the average rate of 40% a year. If our membership is 1.2 million, we are now paying GE one quarter of a billion dollars annually for our lockbox keys alone, never mind the cost of the lockboxes themselves.

  6. Sitting on many committee’s & acting treasurer – its funny how the comments are very similar to the ones we hear at our level. Let me say this-Whats the answer? One suggestion would be increasing revenues to your association so that you can better serve your members AND not raise dues. (Which our Association has not in 10 years) One question I do have for the audience-“What is serving your members? How can the Association’s be more effective?” We, agent volunteers – went as far as to try to survey our membership. Most of the responses were “I don’t care”. How can there be constructive-effective changes if members as whole don’t come to the table with not only the “problem” but a strategy to resolve that problem? I say quit complaining or get involved.

  7. How about more attention to Commercioal Real Estate? We are a minority in the overall membership, but of greater ipotance than we seem to be credited for.

  8. Mike Clark

    If you have to justify your own existence, the real reason (for the justification) may not be immediately apparent. The housing tax credits should have been viewed as what their net effect really were,temporary increased sales with no ability to pay back the subsequent debt incurred. This was easily seen in advance. Not a hindsight situation.The pandering to the current administration on this issue was pitiful. They (on both sides) have been deceitful on “every” new program initiated. To support this nonsense is a reflection on all Realtors and is only meant to pacify the proletariat rather than offer meaningful “long term solutions”.

    Do we dare remind the NAR lobbyists how totally ineffective they were in 1986 when Congress behind closed doors passed the tax reform act that destroyed commercial real estate. This led eventually to the Resolution Trust selling assets at 10-20 cents on the dollar. Encore anyone ?

    The macro issues in the real estate markets are deep structural inbalances partially created and promulgated by the short term whims of Bureaucrats and their poor decision making.Independent thinking anyone?

  9. Cory Vellinga

    NAR needs to ramp up its focus on getting credit eased in the residential markets. They should begin by providing input for the revamping of Fannie Mae and becoming a strong proponent for the return of a “stated income” lending product. Stated income did NOT get us into this mess and it was the baby that got thrown out with the bath water in 2008. Full doc (based on tax returns) residential loans are not going to be a tool that will help the middle to upper end properties move and that is where the log jam is. It is extremely difficult to get financing in this segment of the market based solely on Tax Returns. Full doc loans have also in effect removed small business owners from borrowing money on residential properties. When I read through the NAR’s charter on fair lending practices it appears that NAR has drank the coolaid and believes that all lending should be fair and equal. It simply won’t work. Each borrower is a different risk based on credit score, down payment, tax returns, method of repayment, cash flow, other assets etc. To lump all of the Borrowers/Buyers into the same category giving large weight solely to their tax returns will be a slow death for Realtors and NAR.

  10. Mike

    As a REALTOR not by choice I am forced to join or my Broker has to release me or face strict punishment from the association. How is this ethical. Maybe the NAR should hold themselves to the business ethics they say makes a REALTOR the way to go. Also if your membership expires they cancel your Sentricard account which you pay separately for. How ethical is it for a nonprofit organization to be the majority owner of sentrilock which is a profit organization. Lastly I would love to see the books of the NAR especially how much it pays its leaders. We as REALTORS have taken a 70-80% cut in earnings over the last few years, how about the NAR board members and leaders? Dues have not decreased so where is all of our money going? I challenge the NAR to post the organizations financials for the past ten years on their website. They won’t because they would show the real purpose of making money for themselves at the expense of those who they wrongfully force to join their group. The NAR is just like the mob who strong arms people to pay them in order to stay in business. We as realestate sales people must demand more. I am glad that Ron thinks that the NAR “Boosted” the economy. Maybe his daughter did with her daddy’s Amex card.
    Post your Financials NAR!

  11. Glad to hear your working with the banks to ease lending guidelines and requirements. Hopefully more banks will follow