Ron Phipps Highlights Denver Tour Stop, Posted by Ron

  1. Ron,
    I think it’s really important when you say “families that can afford” the housing. Helping people get the education they need to get in that position will also serve our friends, family, and society!

  2. Greetings from Myrtle Beach!

    Hey, great job, Ron– thanks for spreading the word by, literally, hitting the road on behalf of Realtor issues. Keep up the momentum you and the leadership team have generated as you enjoy your Presidency!

    All the best!


  3. Bette McTamney

    Great timing President Ron! We need to be heard by everyone – “Home Ownership Does Matter” – with issues like Mortgage Interest Deduction in such danger we need to be seen and heard. Our dues dollars at work supporting all the Realtor Family!

  4. Hi Mr. President;
    You should swing over to ND on your way through Montana. Colorado, Montana, North Dakota seems like a logical next step!
    I think it is great you are using this format as a stage to get the word out, and the more we can all share this message from those of us in leadership to the masses of our membership, I beleive the greater the results of the message. Thank you for all you, the leadership team, and the balance of the powers that be at NAR and throughout all our regions are doing for our members. D

  5. I love that Ron is out and about our fine country talking about the AMERICAN DREAM OF HOME OWNERSHIP. PBS TV this week has Suze Orman, a financial advisor, saying the opposite. In fact she said, THE AMERICAN DREAM OF HOMEOWNERSHIP IS D-E-A-D! Realtors from coast to coast need to get the positive word out and keep that dream going. Someone needs to tape Suse’s mouth so she stops telling lies. Everyone in our country deserves to one day own a home and they work hard to make that happen. Thanks NAR for your efforts.

  6. This is a great message. Homeownership is an important part of the fabric of communities throughout the Country. Communities with high ownership rates tend to have a more involved public and that translates into a higher quality of life on multiple levels. The work you and NAR are doing is important. Thank you,

    Scott Dixon
    President, The Real Estate Book

  7. Ron, that is a great message for all of us. Sometimes it can get so discouraging with people having to sell their homes for less than what is owed, upside down on the mortgages and have lost their jobs, or have an illness in the family and we do help them get on the right track again. We show them that there is hope and a light on the horizon. It so important for us as we go forward in our Real Estate careers to establish with our clients their ‘affordable’ level of purchasing a home, and not to sell them something we know is beyond their financial situation even if today they qualify. We were taught by our parents to live ‘within our means’ and now it is important for us to tell especially the first time home buyers to live ‘below their means’ and save for the unexpected. Our jobs go way beyond finding them a property, we also want to get referrals from them and their friends and family. That comes from doing our due diligence and going beyond filling out papers, showing homes, and bringing a gift to the closing.

  8. Kevin

    I think we should not be spending money on this tour ..instead helping homeowners That are upside down… force the banks to Re Fi them at fair market value… thus to stabilize the housing market… The banks were set whole by the tax payers and holding on to trillions of our money and making Billions in the stock market…and handing out millions in bonuses to their CEO’s..and NOT lending..
    If they would Re Fi the upside down home owners they would put thousands of dollars in Joe & Jane Mainstreets pockets…which would create consumer confidence.. Then new home builders would be able to start building again creating Construction JOBS did I say JOBS???? Yes Jobs..Fix the housing market ..Fix the ECONOMY..Your resale business would boom remember home ownership is the bank of YOU..and the Banks have bastardized the housing Market..That Cost Home Owners their values and Investments..again the Banks were set whole by the tax payer.. Who is setting the home owner whole?????”A FIGHT FOR HOME OWNERSHIP” it should be..
    God Bless

  9. Carole

    Great message.. Great Platform… and I love the bus!. Visual, Mobile and Effective!

    I love the concept of sustainabity of homeownership! There is an education in and of itself, a revitalization of OLD school thought that is resurging and needs to be incorporated into the thoughts and the actions of our buyers, young and old!

    We need to teach the general public that SAVING for a home is Step 1. Step 2 is having money set aside (hear savings) for emergencies to take care of the house in the event of a roof leak. Owning a home isn’t about HOW PRETTY the countertops are. Its about investing in your future. This is an INVESTMENT, not a decorator item! I agree that we need to go back to 20% downpayments for everyone except for buyers with VA Benefits. Buyers using their VA Benefits should be treated differently, they serve our country and they are taught discipline. Step 3 is to re educate the entire population who has been hopelessly swayed that “they deserve this or that” that their home is not an ATM Machine. That in order to own a home, sacrifices will need to be made. The “entitlement” to going out to dinnner, the movies, vacations, etc., needs to be curbed! This is not an easy sell.. but, I would like to see the NAR take aim at these core issues of sustainablity of home ownership. HOME OWNERSHIP MEANS SACRIFICES. If you are not willing to make sacrifices, then don’t buy. Putting 20% down menas that they have some skin in the game. Step 4 Introduce the concept of taking out ONE LOAN.. for 30 years and pay it off in 30 years paying off your loan. This is an AMAZING time to buy. I do not believe interest rates will ever be this low again. Lets teach our buyers how to buy and how to own their homes in 30 years and demonstrate the PRIDE that homeownership means. What it feels like to pay your home off in 30 years. What it means to own your home outright and not be a slave to a mortgage payment later in life. This is an OLD SCHOOL thought but, look at those folks, they are happy and content! My sights have always been set on BY THE TIME YOU ARE 60, you need to have that loan paid off. Living within or under one’s means is important. It doesn’t SELL more cars, more boats, and things we don’t really need. BUT, Homeownership differs greatly from those. Everyone needs to put a roof over their heads. If you pay your home off, you can live happily in retirement~!
    Thanks again for spreading the word.. and this is an INVESTMENT–treat it as such!

  10. Placing this message in an article in the local papers would surely spread the word.
    I am snipping some comments from this blog. Does NAR have some sample articles we could use?

    Out of all the refinancing applications, I know of one person who was approved.
    We need much more help for the folks who are under water. Maybe 40 or 50 year mortgages at low interest rates that can be partially recapped.
    We help homeowners hang on to their homes during these economically depressing times… forecloures are not helping anyone!!!
    Stopping the hemorrhaging is step one… this will help instill the benefits of homeownership!

    Thank you
    Christine Jones