Mortgage Interest Deduction: Critical to America, Posted by Ron

  1. NAR

    Check out this clip of Ron Phipps discussing the MID on Bloomberg News:

    Also look at this front page article in the New York Times with Ron discussing the importance of maintaining higher loan limits:

    –NAR Public Affairs

  2. David Kellenberger, CCIM

    The mortgage interest deduction is NOT critical to America. What is critical to America is getting the budget balanced. The favoring of one group over another is not the purpose of the tax system. Most people don’t buy homes because of the mortgage deduction, and even if they did why should we favor them over the renter, or the multi-family property owner, or the business property owner vs. the business property renter? NAR has no business being a union extracting forced dues to line the palms of legislators playing one group against another.

  3. Subject….million trees planting project
    The planet is in peril,the trees that held the soil together is gone and the rain just washes away the earth with it, The planet had over 300 glasiers, less than 30 remains world wide. Our business is selling land and buildings , we need to preserve our comodity or like the glasiers it will also disappear.
    My solution… with one million realtors we can commit to plant one tree each per year and in so doing replinish the planet withone million trees annually.
    I proposed this concept to the Long Island Board of Realtorsand New York State Association of Realtors in 2007 and was ignored. The mayor of NY to it and ran with it.
    We as realtors acn still make a difference….. your thoughts and concerns will be highly appreciated.

  4. Subject…..disaster relief in Missouri
    Our fellow realtors and their community need our help more now than ever.
    I will recommend taht we just not sent financial aid ,but go with a deligation of realtors and committ to give hands on help to the people in Joplin Missouri.
    Rational…. going there personally will mean so much more to the people than just sending money, nothing like holding some one in their greatest time of dispair and comfort them and let them know that realtors care and our toughts and prayers are with them and we came to show that we realy care. and give hands on help…your thoughts and concerns will be highly appreciated

  5. Definitely, the mortgage interest deduction will not be the ultimate reason that can push America down. They have to do something to keep the budget on a better perspective for this is what would push the country down.

  6. I beg to disagree, I believe mortgage interest reduction isn’t of that huge magnitude enough to push the country deeper to the turmoil that it is stuck at present. People will continue to buy home not only because the mortgage interest has been reduced; but it is one but not the only reason.

  7. America is facing a great problem. The real estate industry is not doing better in many parts of the country. The reduction of mortgage interest is not the only thing that pushes it down. THere are plenty of them.