Getting Aggressive, Posted by Ron

  1. Danie Kennedy

    Thank You Ron and NAR and Everyone who is stepping up to tell Congress why home ownership is SO VERY IMPORTANT to these United States and why All poeples living in these United States need access to quality and reliable sources of funding for home ownership. We do not build very much in the US today, unfortunately, most of our goods-production needed for day to day living have been sent offshore, but we still DO BUILD homes and commercial buildings to house people, businesses, research and development. Take the funding away for these four essentials and we take down pretty much everything these United States still stand for and do well.
    Thank You again President Ron, NAR and politically active Realtors.

    DK Seattle

  2. Don Kinnamore

    I think you should step back so you can see the big picture. Gas prices are the real problem that has this country on its knees and no one in a possession to do something about it and to bring it out front of everything else has the ball to speak up and keep speaking up until it is addressed by the leadership of our country.

  3. wayne

    Sometimes I think our focus is a little too narrow. While supporting Realtor Issues and the Realtor Party makes sense, would anyone disagree that an overbearing Government that over spends its citizenry into bankruptcy, and third world class status, is what has placed America on the brink of economic disaster? Both Clinton and Bush (the younger), along with Frank and Dodd, created a massive, unsustainable bubble in the middle of our industry… and our left leaning, socialist embracing leadership did little to discourage it. Where are the conservative principles, that made this country a great country, on display within the leadership of the NAR? I understand that we support the Mortgage Interest Deduction…… but do we stand for reducing the size and scope of our Federal Government? If we don’t, we’re part of the problem.

  4. Don Kinnamore

    One thing George W have proven, if this great country can survive 8 years his type of leadership, we will survive a little left leaning leadership. George W and Big Dick Cheney are still sticking it to us with the gas prices. They are still stealing from anyone big enough to have anything.

  5. Bill Morscheck

    Wayne is right in his analysis (above). As a member of NAR’s Board of Directors in the 90’s, I recall our trade association enthusiastically supporting the notion of expanding the opportunities for home ownership (really more transactions for our rapidly expanding membership) by endorsing policies requiring lenders to initiate and close loans for higher risk borrowers. Our trade association bears some of the responsibility for the housing debacle that resulted, in part, because of these ill-advised programs.

  6. wayne

    Don Kinnamore,
    From posts like yours, it’s apparent that you think our over burdensome Government is NOT part of the problem. You’re still blaming Bush when the biggest thief of all time is operating right under your nose. Everything Obama has done, and most of which NAR has encouraged him to do, has failed to stop the housing meltdown. Rather than letting free markets work, which would have allowed home prices to find their bottom much more quickly, his tinkering has lengthened, and exacerbated, the problem….. Not to mention shamelessly lining the pockets of his campaign contributors. What next…. socializing home ownership like he’s done with the Auto and Banking Industries????Do you even believe in private property rights?

  7. Thomas Davis

    Good Morning! I appreciate the efforts that our trade organizations put forth on our behalf. But respectfully, Mr. President, if “government is our partner” I am calling for a trial separation.

  8. Sky Keegan

    The economy cannot recover without housing, and housing cannot recover until the system is flushed, banking rules are enforced and non performing and foreclosed homes are put back out on the market and prices find their true level-which will be reflective of peoples current, real incomes.
    A flood of houses will not drive down prices, prices are already going to take whatever direction they are going–but there will be multiple offers on homes where the prices really drop too low below the true market. There is a huge market for homes–they will fly out the door if the banks stop holding them back. The jobs boom which would result from such a release would jump start the economy.
    They’re should be a new Resolution Trust which was the solution to the real estate crisis in the 80’s. NAR’s current focus is just tinkering around with marginal issues.

  9. I was just listening to an article on NPR about how difficult it is for a Veteran to obtain a VA loan on a foreclosed property that is not in pristine condition. As we all know, there are SO many of those to be found in this glut of foreclosures!

    Why not offer a VA loan similar to the FHA 203K loan at a very low intitial rate and no money down to all of these verterans who have proven their ability to handle complex issues? These are people who have served the country well and would be the type of people who would turn a foreclosure into a neighborhood asset.

    They deserve this opportunity out of respect for their service and they in turn would be taking blighted properties and “bootstrapping” the area where these homes are located. They have served us once and we should invest our trust in them to serve us well once again.

    The Veterans Administration should be revamped top to bottom and start serving these men and women and the country by making home ownership an additional benefit of their sacrafice. From what I understand the current procedure is a hinderance, not a help, to their ability to obtain a VA loan for most foreclosed properties.

  10. I fully argee that we need to get aggressive and let our Representatives and Senators know how laws and regulations are going to impact the housing market and our livelihood. Congress needs to understand that the great uncertainty Washington is causing is directly impacting buyers and sellers.
    One regulation that hasn’t received much attention pertains to installment sales. Unfortunately, we have only to July 22,2011 to submit comments to the Federal Reserve Bank. The most obnoxious part is that unless a seller checks fully that a buyer can repay the mortgae/note, the buyer has up to three years to rescind the sale and demand back all money paid to the seller. It is implied that the seller must use the ability-to-pay underwriting requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act. Good-by home owner financing sales.
    See the link from REIA for more info and email submission address. comments-regarding-seller-financing/

  11. This comment is to Wayne. Your belief is similar to those in Congress who are the majority and doing nothing to improve this country. Instead of a “no” to everything, why not reason and put forth some solutions, if you disagree with what has been presented. We are in a political limbo. No other President has put forth some solutions without OUR representatives acting on SOMETHING. This Congress does not negotiate and has NO solutions. Big government, what is big government? Do you mean the different departments of government that gave people jobs so that they would feel secure and purchase a home. Big government, are you talking about the government that subsidized projects that but millions of people to work when private industries took their money and ran. As you can see with most private industries, they are operating with as staff that is as reduced and possible and taking their money. They do not have to contribute to pensions, etc. I believe that we should take care of ourselves, but if the land/disasters make it impossible to grow your own, big business cheap goods making it almost impossible for little shopowners. Also, even if you do have a business, you cannot help anyone enough to feel secure enough to possibly think of homeownership. Homeownership has been slammed so much that many people feel it unnecessary. It is necessary to move the economy all around. The lawmakers have to see the average citizen as a person of worth or homeownership will again be for the rich. The type of hard work people did at one time, work in factories, work on farms, etc. no longer exist.

  12. This is my first time to visit this site,and you aritcle is very good,Thanks The economy cannot recover without housing, and housing cannot recover until the system is flushed, banking rules are enforced and non performing and foreclosed homes are put back out on the market and prices find their true level-which will be reflective of peoples current, real incomes. Thanks for share

  13. Laura Baldwin

    I agree Ron let’s get agressive and let’s start with reducing the inventory that is dragging this current real estate market down~short sales & foreclosures. I want someone to explain to me why the banks can practice real estate without a license and using their own out of state documents in these transactions and running the show. This disaster was a perfect opportunity for NAR and the banks to work together to have the banks hire in house REALTORS to negotiate contracts and streamline the process. If as you say you are working with congress to help the industry then lets start where the problem recently began…banks!

  14. Always a great asset to have someone so passionate for this job and the industry behind us. Great work!

  15. Thanks, Ron! This is helpful especially for someone who is dependent on the housing market, and that’s me.