Our Children’s Future, Posted by Gary

For more than a decade, NAR’s public awareness campaign educated consumers about the value of REALTORS® when it comes to buying or selling a home – our unsurpassed ability to find and market homes fairly and at the best price, our deep knowledge of local markets, our substantial negotiating skills during a purchase, and of course, our steadfast adherence to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.

In addition, there are many other qualities we REALTORS® possess that make us the best professional group out there. Chief among them is our unwavering commitment to the importance of private property rights in America. Over the past century, home ownership has shown itself to be an integral part of not just building personal wealth, but in making America great.

But on an immediate and very individual level, REALTORS® know that homes are where we experience “the stuff of life” — the best moments, surrounded by our families. This belief drives us to do what we do. Our homes are the places where we raise our children and teach them to fly. They are our shelter during life’s darkest storms and our retreat for sustenance and renewal. The desire for a private space for ourselves and our family is such a fundamental part of being human, it’s really almost part of our DNA. We cherish our homes as we do the hopes and dreams we have for our children, and our children’s children.

As a REALTOR®, I understand this innate need in all of us. But as the NAR Leadership Team mentioned in September’s REALTOR® Magazine article, “What We’re Fighting For,” home ownership is at a crossroads, and it’s our children who face an uncertain future. The very home ownership policies that we have benefitted from are now at stake. To keep the dream of home ownership a reality for future generations, the Public Awareness Campaign has evolved into the Public Advocacy Campaign. You can see the newest TV ad below.

The campaign began airing new TV and radio ads on September 5. Over the course of 2012, we will run more than 16,000 television and radio spots throughout the country.  And in 2011, the campaign generated approximately 8 billion impressions. That is an incredible number of people seeing and hearing about the positive message of home ownership.  We’re doing this because the risks are real. And we’re doing it for our children.

  1. I laud the Realtors and how they are guided with the values and ethics they posses and bestow! I feel moved reading this blog of yours and it strongly reminds me how i have always wanted to have a house of my own. Something that my family can call home. It is pretty exciting how we can mold our kids in “that home” and inscribe memories we will cherish. Pretty soon… i know we can realize that dream! Very nice post!

  2. A good real estate agent or broker should take an extra effort to know who their clients really are. It is not enough to simply aim to sell them a house. They should know that home buyers are unique in their own way and real estate agents should have that “magic” that catches the eye of their client. Perhaps add an extra glimmer to the eyes of their clients. And that is what gives you success in closing the deal!

  3. While the adorable little boy in the ad certainly evokes sympathy, I think the threat is really more immediate to recent college graduates. When you take into account the amount of student debt most graduates today are saddled with, I wonder how many of them will be able to qualify for homes loans (let alone afford them) anytime soon. Add to that the higher unemployment rates for this age group and the fact that many of those who have found jobs are working in part-time or temporary positions, and the crisis we’re facing becomes very clear. Will this group be able to buy a home in 5-7 years (at the average first-time home buyer age of 30)? If not, what will this mean for the industry?