Transfer Tax Victory in Louisiana

By Moe Veissi, 2012 President, National Association of REALTORS®

Moe shares a huge victory for REALTORS® in Louisiana and the REALTOR® Party Initiative, where the two groups came together to permanently ban real estate transfer taxes in that state.

  1. Congratulations NAR on this important victory. It is clear that in hard times all levels of government seek ways to increase revenue and while we all understand the good things that government can do, home ownership is one of the most important aspects to providing social stability and it is incumbwent on Realtors to provide guidance regarding laws that could negatively impact this feature of our society.

  2. What effect will that have on the states revenue?

  3. Frances Markowitz

    what effect will this have on the Federal 3.8% transfer tax in the new Obama care bill which has it as a funding measure??

  4. Nancy

    The transfer taxes will only be banned forever IF they amended their state Constitution. Otherwise the next legislature can change what you have just accomplished.

  5. Fred Yde

    I would support transfer taxes as long as the property tax was adjusted accordingly. Otherwise, this is a very punitive charge on a private property. We cannot do without collecting something on property apparently, no matter the location or state. I often wonder if Realtors had been around and as focused on the protection of their markets in the dark murky past as they are today…would there be property taxes? And if there weren’t property taxes, what would the picture of our communities look like? Police and firemen, roads, schools, libaries are all dependent on that revenue. So how would we fund them if we didn’t pay property taxes?

  6. Marie Maruskanic

    Great….Congratulations job well done! SO how do we start to get the Realtor Party Initiative in our own state going? Why not give us an outline of what steps Louisiana took to get it to pass and WE WILL FOLLOW.

  7. Once again, Louisiana leads the way toward supporting the Realtor Party goals. And, special thank you goes to Norman Morris and his team for his leadership. All buyers and sellers of both commercial and residential properties will benefit from our efforts.

    Northwest Louisiana Pac Chair person, 2011