Don’t Let Flood Insurance Dampen Sales

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  1. […] “RPPSI” the “Realtor Party Political Survival Initiative” was hotly dbetaed prior to Midyear. The overwhelming sentiment online seemed to me to be against this initiative and it’s $40 dues increase. Today however, the NAR Board of Directors “overwhelmingly approved” the initiative and dues increase. This is exactly what I thought would happen when I wrote, Op-Ed: The Realtor Party. NAR Proposes the Realtor Party Political Survival Initiative. […]

  2. Over the next six months, NAR will continue to push Congress for a five-year NFIP re-authorization bill to provide certainty and avoid further disruption to real estate markets. – Suffice to say this is offering a whole new and brighter perspective for those a part of the real estate market. Floods can be extremely challenging to overcome and deal with especially if you’re working in the real estate business.