Targeting Success

By Chris Polychron, 2012First Vice President-Nominee, National Assocation of REALTORS®

Hello, my name is Chris Polychron, and I’m new to the Leadership Team,currently serving as the NAR 2012 First Vice President-Nominee.   Manners are important in the South, so since I’m a native Arkansan, I’d like to introduce myself.

I was born in Arkansas, but I’m also first generation Greek.  My father had a barbecue restaurant, and I think that’s where I first started to learn what it takes to run a small business.

I still love to cook, when I get a chance.  I’ve been married to my wife Janis for 44 years.  She’s a wonderful person, an artist who brings much-needed balance to my life.  Together we have two daughters and three lively grandchildren.

Before becoming a REALTOR®, I used to be a banker.  I took up real estate because I thought I’d be good at it.  The man who I went to for my first job didn’t think so.  But I kept after him.  Finally I said, “Where’s my desk, because I’m coming to work here whether you like it or not.”  It turns out that kind of perseverance was just the ticket.  It’s something I’ve needed over and over again in my 24-year career as a REALTOR®.

Another skill REALTORS® need is the ability to multi-task.  Sometimes we have so many irons in the fire, it’s a wonder the whole thing doesn’t blow up.  But it helps to stay calm and focused, which is exactly like hunting quail—a sport I greatly enjoy.  You have to keep your eye on the target.

The bulls-eye I am focused on is ensuring that Home Ownership Matters to consumers and to our communities.  Because the American Dream of home ownership is under attack like never before from policies that make it harder to buy and keep a home.  We are working to defend the American Dream by maintaining tax advantages for home ownership, like the mortgage interest deduction; protecting private property rights; and ensuring consumers have access to mortgage liquidity.

This takes leadership.  To be a leader, you have to do everything you ask someone else to do, and then some.  With that in mind, I’ll be working hard this year helping our President Moe Veissi accomplish his goals for NAR.  I’ll also be traveling around the country visiting with REALTORS® and hearing what’s on your minds.

I admire many of NAR’s leaders, especially our past presidents.  Each one has contributed in his or her own way.  Dick Gaylord brought in young people.  Richard Mendenhall started the REALTOR® Relief Foundation.  Ron Phipps inspired us during difficult times.  And Moe is just getting started in what I’m sure will be a great year.

With that, I hope to get to meet each one of you personally.  Until then, I’m always glad to hear from you, so give me a call or e-mail me at  Go Razorbacks!