REALTORS® in the House

Scott Louser, 2012 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs and state legislator from North Dakota, talks about the value of having REALTORS® in public office and involved in public advocacy work.

  1. Jack Gentry

    If we want to save free enterprise and therefore the housing market we must DO

  2. Good story…the Realtor Party!

  3. Nancy Allen

    I agree with your belief that Realtors in the Legislature can impact the outcome of important decisions with regards to property rights and “above all..the land.” I recently spoke during our state Legislative session regarding the completion of the forelcosure process with respect to change in policy for the recordation of the Trustee’s Deed within 60 days of final ratificaiton . (MD is a judicial state) Without this type of policy, there are delays in settlement when the foreclosing attorney fails to timely record the Trustee’s Deed. This results in buyers having to postpone settlements so that at the last minute the TD can be recorded. This is because in order to record the TD, there must not be any outstanding water bills or taxes due on the property. The foreclosing attorney should be required by the client, whether private bank, GSE to finalize the process by recording the TD deed. As REALTORS we require private sellers to produce documentation of ownership, ie. the deed, why are the banks and GSEs not held to the same standards?
    The legislators were interested to know how these policies impact the families who are purchasing these foreclosed homes.