Bringing Clarity to Congress and Transparency to RESPA/TILA

Just a few days ago, I testified before Congress on a committee hearing on RESPA/TILA, to try to resolve that RESPA information sheet that we deal with during every transaction. We want transparency, we want the consumer to understand every step in the process, and we are concerned about duplicative paperwork. Combined paperwork is more useful, more effective, and easier to understand for everyone. After making an emotional and financial commitment to a property, consumers deserve nothing less than honesty and fluidity during the closing process. Watch more in the video below.

  1. Mo,
    I attended the Washington rally in June beside you. I want to “thank you” for NAR’s commitment to our right to exist.
    As GRAR’s RPAC chairman, we realize how important political intervention is.

    Please read below before your next important message to all of us. The Flag of “The United States of America” should always be to the left stage postion, your right.

    Jim Ledsome