Happy Labor Day from Moe Veissi, 2012 NAR President

Happy Labor Day from Moe Veissi, 2012 NAR President.

  1. Dear Mr. President,

    You never talked about specifics regarding the “short sale process”. Why aren’t you putting pressure on the Banks? That’s where the problem starts. I have been a REAL ESTATE BROKER licensee since 1976. I closed my first short sale 18-20 years ago. It is a nightmare now. For example it took me 16-18 months to close my most recent short sale transaction….I made $650.00 ! Your membership must be evaporating! No one can make a living like this, at least not in SW Florida! Realtors are becoming an endangered species. Another thing, why would you have to be told that shorts sales are a problem for us? You’re the President of the NAR. Why wouln’t you have known that before you took office!
    Nancy Doyle, Realtor (though I don’t know what good it’s doing me to be a member. What has the NAR or FAR done for me lately?)