Things That Go Bump in the Night

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  1. I’m a Realtor several years now and the last few years experienced spams through the Internet and false advertising from *Craig’s List that was snatched from the so called scammers from * they say..promising residence at a discounted price and some how finding through *Tax records the owners name..They use the owners name @ to make the transition more believable.
    Furthermore..there is not such place as West Africa…
    In closing, I find not putting the actual address in my Craigs List AD deters the scammers away.. I’ve got the national news media finally to post on prime time warnings to the general public looking for Real Estate. Not often enough but every little bit helps.. This last 3 years have been a nightmare for some of our Realtors and home owners because of this…
    Any better suggestions?? Email me.

  2. Bill Dillow

    Thanks for the good information. We are all concerned about personal security and it is great to learn that you are concerned and proactive in taking appropriate action to protect our interests.

  3. Ca NAR do anything to protect us as well as renters by providing a secure site to check credit and criminal background. Too many agents have been careless with personal information and leaving themselves and others at risk. If the tenants are not approved by the landlords their credit could be pulled many different times causing credit scores to be lowered.

  4. Yes, this is a very important topic to pay attention to. I am glad to see that as Realtors we are going to do our best to protect the public. That is why we are such an important organization. We care and we make things happen.