Prayers and Condolences to Our Members at the Newtown Board of REALTORS®

by Gary Thomas, 2013 NAR President

I wanted to share with all REALTORS® the message that went to our members at the Newtown Board of REALTORS®, in Newtown, Conn., to let them know that the entire membership of NAR is sharing in their loss, and keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

December 17, 2012


Ms. Eileen Brooks
2012 President
Newtown Board of REALTORS®

I write on behalf of the entire membership of the National Association of REALTORS® to express our deepest sympathies for the lives lost in last week’s tragic shooting.  It is truly unfathomable to understand the tragedy, the loss of innocent lives and what it means to all of you who live there.


It is very difficult to accept that such terrible things happen in our world, especially in a town as quaint and traditional as Newtown.  We understand that the incident has also touched your office, and our hearts go out to you.


Words seem inadequate to express the sadness of your loss, which is also our collective loss: young lives stopped before they had barely begun to unfold their promise.


If there is any comfort to be found, it was in the loving words offered by some of the family and loved ones of the victims.  We should lean on the thoughts of Robbie Parker, whom you heard speak so eloquently about his own daughter Emilie.


He said, “Let it [be] something that inspires us to be better, to be more compassionate and humble people.  Let us please keep the sentiments of love that we feel for our families, and the compassion that we feel for others—even complete strangers—and  keep them with us at all times, not just in times of sorrow and tragedy.  And may we do this so that we can better all of our communities, and all of our cities and all our states, so we can make everyone, everywhere in this country feel safe.”


We can’t say it any better.  His words offer comfort and hope.  Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time and always.



Gary Thomas
2013 President

National Association of REALTORS®

  1. Our family has sat for hours/days watching the horror and the sadness on TV that your community has experienced. Know that all in Newtown and their families are in our prayers and thoughts.

  2. Across the Nation, you are in our thoughts. The ripple effect of this tragedy goes through each of our communities. May the Loving spirit of the Realtor community help you rebuild both heart, home and community.
    Debbie Kirkland,
    2012 President, Tallahassee Board of Realtors, Florida

  3. Angela McDonald

    My deepest sympathy to all involved and my thoughts and prayers are with the community who has suffered such an unthinkable loss. Bless you all from Hayward, WI.

  4. Our prayers are with all those affected by this terrible tragedy. The entire REALTOR community shares your pain and outrage at this senseless act. May God bless you all as you struggle through this pain, and begin to rebuild your lives.
    Cathy Duprey
    2012 President
    Eastern Ct. Association of REALTORS

  5. Bradley S. Anderson

    My entire family, from California through the Midwest to the East Coast lift all of the people involved in this horrific event in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that God will help all of you some how gain strength to move forward and rebuild your lives knowing that millions of people are praying for you. If we could figure out a way to make your souls lift up sooner and brighten your futures immediately, we would do this. What I hold on to, is the incredible will I see in the hearts and minds of the people from Newtown! They inspire me and I should be inspiring someone there.

    May God bless you and heal your hearts and souls. We love you all in His name.

    Bradley S. Anderson and family

  6. I can’t fathom the pain inflicted on all who have lost a loved one in this senseless and tragic act. I want to extend all my condolences to all of the families who are now morning. My thoughts and prayers are with them and may god bless you all.
    Zoey Tolu
    Better Homes and Gardens, Real Estate
    San Mateo County Association of Realtors/California

  7. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families as they try to cope with the loss of their babies, Angels taken before their time. Fly high on your Angel Wings and rest in the arms of our Savior.

    Port St Lucie, FL Realtor

  8. Lorraine Burch

    I have been praying for my hometown, Newtown, since I heard the horrible news. May God carry you through this trying time. I know it is very hard on everyone, suffering under the attention of the whole world, but know that we love you and lift you in prayer.

    I hope that the NAR can play a part in the discussion of how to prevent further mass shootings. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. We need to change something, because the status quo is intolerable.

    Let us lift the light on a new path.

    Lorraine Burch
    Oakland, Florida
    Newtown High School Graduate 1979

  9. Words fail me. Our deepest sympathy to all those whose lives have change forever. may God Bless you with comfort.
    Tracy McDermott
    Greater Wilkes-Barre Boar of Realtor member

  10. Erica Rodgers

    Our prayers here in Tempe,AZ at Realty One Group go out to the families and the community affected by this terrible tragedy. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. As I drive in my car over the past few days I find a tear coming to my eyes as I think of those innocent children that were taken from their parents too soon. May GOD give all of you in Newtown, CT a peace that no man can take away as these days go by and know you all will not be forgotten when the media go away as the prayers will continue from our entire REALTOR community here in AZ.
    Erica Rodgers
    Realty One Group

  11. Sandy Osgood/ Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

    My thoughts and prayers and with the families that have lost a loved one. May time heal your sorrow and my our goverment changes the laws so something as awful as this NEVER happens again. God Bless, Sandy Osgood Suprise, Arizona

  12. Dee Wells

    It’s always been taught that God won’t give you more than you have strength to handle, so perhaps the knowledge that the rest of world is mourning and praying with you and for you will help! What a senseless tragedy! Things in our world MUST change! Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers!

  13. Cindy Rester

    My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one in Newtown!
    God Bless!

    Cindy Rester, Realtor NOMAR New Orleans Metropiltan Board of Realtors
    Mandeville, La.

  14. Susie Helfer

    Dear Fellow Realtors and all of the community of Newtown:
    As a parent my brain and heart cannot wrap itself around your loss and pain. You are in our prayers. The only thought of comfort I can find is maybe a little better understanding of the sacrifice our Lord made, so only he can truly understand your loss! I so pray in the days and weeks to come you find some sense of peace.

    God Bless You and Keep You!

    Susie Helfer
    Bend, Oregon

  15. LindaO'Connor

    Each of us encounters tragedy we cannot change despite our deepest heartfelt wishes. None of us can comprehend the depth of this tragedy, and all of us share in this immeasurable and unimaginable loss. Because we cannot change it, we must allow the tragedy to change us…to find new ways to love and respect each other, to find ways to reach out and put a face on those among us we cannot see, and to realize that we can only find hope in each other’s hands, hearts, and loving arms.

  16. As a former teacher who was involved in a “lock down”, I know how I prayed that no one would harm my class (and no one did). I pray for everyone in Newtown and hope that they find comfort and peace.

    Addie Finley
    Billerica, MA

  17. In the face of tragedy, the strength and character of all Americans has illuminated our nation. Newtown residents have been among those in the forefront. Words are woefully inadequate at a time like this; but words of compassion are important to speak. Heaven has gained a lot of new angels. The memories of all of the victims will remain with us. We can honor all of them by working to make our schools free of violence. There is hard work ahead and all of the new angels will be watching our progress.

    Phillip Updike
    Harrisonburg, Virginia

  18. Dianna Garcia

    We will never understand why such tragic event happen, or why such evil exist, but only our Heavenly Father can comfort us when it comes. I pray for peace and comfort for a town in mourning and a nation in mourning. For each one of those precious lives lost , will never feel no more pain, or suffering, for they our in the Loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

  19. Rena Estes

    I am saddened by what the community of Newtown will have to endure during these coming days, weeks, months, and years. I send my prayers to all.

  20. Mona Tucker

    To the community of Newton and Newton REALTORS:

    I sit here in my office and watch the rain come down and I think this CA. rain storm can’t compare to the flood of tears that are on the faces and in the hearts of Newton. We can’t ever know the full extent of your grief but we send you our deepest sympathies and prayers.
    Mona Tucker
    Arroyo Grande, CA

  21. Dona Lee

    Words cannot express how deeply we are saddened by all that has happened in your town. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  22. Linda

    The tragedy you have suffered Newtown has touched all of our hearts most deeply. I am so sorry for all affected by this terrible and senseless crime. Please know that many thoughts and prayers have been with your entire community.

  23. Eileen Brooks

    On behalf of the Newtown Board of Realtors and the entire Newtown community, I thank all of you for your kind words and prayers. As time continues on, our hearts remain heavy. All of you are correct in that there are no words that convey how we all feel in the wake of this terribible event.
    This loss is too great to let it go without it changing our future. I am most anxious to see the changes that occur in our nation and I am confident that the people of Newtown will be part of the change, whatever it may be.
    I will say that I am very grateful and blessed to be part of this fantastic community and until our neighbors can walk on their own, we will continue to carry each other.
    Blessing to all of you and to those you love,

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