Housing Finance Goes Bipartisan

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  1. I would love to see the details of the plan. I agree whole-hardheartedly that Fannie and Freddie’s quasi-private form doesn’t work and that they should be replaced by a non shareholder-owned entity of some sort (and that the fact that the current GSE’s are publicly traded and required to turn a profit for their shareholders was one of the reasons the 2008 meltdown was as bad as it was).

  2. Beverly

    This is the way to go as an Independant Morrgage Broker I have been kicked out of the loop with many other Brikers. We do not need Fannie Mae or Freddie Mack any more. Now maybe the Mortgage Brokers can surface again.

  3. Beverly

    Correction Brokers

  4. efe

    I would love to see the details of the plan