NAR Debuts New Military Relocation Professional Certification

The new Military Relocation Professional Certification helps REALTORS® hone their knowledge and skills for working with veterans and active duty military buyers and sellers to ensure that homeownership remains affordable and accessible to them. President Gary Thomas explains more in his video below.

  1. Debra Dudney

    Working with more veterans and active duty military, so I am very interested to learn about becoming a Military Relocation Professional.

    Debra Dudney

  2. We are offering this course November 12, 2013. Can’t wait!

  3. Gayle Phillips

    I am interested in attending this course during the NAR annual convention but can’t find the link to sign up. I have registered for the conference and trying to add this in.


  4. will this count towards continuing education in Colorado? Can the designation be used behind ones name ?

  5. NAR

    Hi Gayle,
    Great to hear you are interested. Here is a link to a page on with more information and to register for pre-conference courses, including the Military Relocation Professional Certification Core Course on November 7.

  6. Would like to take the course but I cannot find anywhere close to Scranton, Pa.

  7. Dotti Craig

    I’m excited to attend this course- my family are retirees and active duty along with my husband serving 11 years in the Coast Guard. I know I will be an agent they could relate to and I would be proud to “serve them” whole heartedly.

  8. Nyle Carlton

    I retired from the military in April of this year after 31 years of service and got my real estate license in June. This would give me a chance to continue to serve veterans and their families so I’m very interested in this course.

  9. Don

    Is this the total course or do you need elective to go with it

  10. NAR

    Hi Jayne,
    For questions about the Military Relocation Professional certification you can email them at

  11. NAR

    Hi Sallyanne,
    For questions about the Military Relocation Professional certification you can email them at

    Thanks for your interest in the program.

    NAR Staff

  12. Tatiana Hernandez

    I just finished last month and I post on Facebook with all my friends about the completion and a friend of my friend was very exited because she has a family member that has to be transfer and they need to sell the house ASAP (they are both on the military) and she also is ready buy, the husband is in Army. So this is very exited to know that this works even that I live in Houston Texas and we have no base here.

  13. Found out about this course when visiting NAR booth here at CAR Convention, attendee noticed my NAR Real Estate veterans pin.

    Looking at registration to NAR in SF, I would register for $50 and course is $75 and I guess additional $25 for expo.

    I think those numbers are good, but this is a great niche for Veteran Realtors, good job NAR. I will be there.

  14. We are proud to announce we will be having the MRP Certification on Nov. 21, 2013 at our location, EBCBOR, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.

  15. Sue Dupont

    i am very interested in getting this designation. does it also included firefighters,policeman,etc?

  16. I would love to take this course but there is nothing coming up in AZ, we a pretty big military state, any chance we can get a class out here???

  17. Richard de Beauvoir

    Could anyone let me know if there is a discount offered to Veterans who are interested in taking the course : Military Relocation Professional Certification.

    Thank you,


  18. Wow .. being a Navy veteran serving all veterans has always been my desire! With this certification, I’m more convinced than ever that this is the right niche for me! Thanks NAR … taking the course in Clearwater FL next week!!

  19. Awesome class and awesome instructor November 18 Bastrop Candy!

  20. I want to take a clas and become a Military Relocation Professional.
    I took the ABR class in 2000 when I became an Associate Broker.
    When do I go to get directly to get connected for this class?

  21. I am very interested.

  22. Angie Austin

    Like to know who come up with this class? How much involvement did United Mortgage and United realty have in developing this class? And what is in it for them! United Mortgage is featured in the webinar one must take when getting the certificate. There cost off getting a VA loan. They are upping there referral fee for United Realty now as well. Many Veterans think that Veterans United Mortgage is the VA….

  23. Judith Pakay

    I enjoyed taking the MRP Certification course. I am looking forward to utilizing the information that I obtained to better serve those who serve our Country. I would recommend this course to everyone.