Thank You

By NAR 2014 President Steve Brown

I want to personally thank everyone who responded to our most recent Call for Action about delaying the changes in the new National Flood Insurance Program law. I appreciate the continued grassroots support of REALTORS® across the country who makes their voices heard on important legislative and regulatory issues, like NFIP, that impact housing and commercial real estate interests.

NAR’s fight to improve the implementation of changes in NFIP will continue to be an important priority in 2014.

Here’s an update on where things stand:

·The House has not taken a vote on the NAR-supported “Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act.”

·The Senate bill has not yet been taken up for consideration by the requisite committees.

· A different bill to delay implementation for one year was withdrawn due to various objections from conservative Republicans, who do not support any delay, and Democrats who support a more costly, but longer, four-year delay.

Over the holidays, let us rest, renew and recharge so that we are ready to start a new year of REALTOR® grassroots advocacy in 2014. When Congress returns to work in January, you can be sure that NAR will be there to stand up for you.

  1. Thanks, Steve,

    What should we do or not do as agents?

    Should we try to meet with our Congressmen or Senators? Are their specific talking points?

    Please let us know.



  2. I am thrilled with the foundation that you are laying for your year as President.

    I look forward to assisting you in anyway to carry the REALTOR message to all.

    Happy Holidays.

    Linda Swanson
    Association Executive
    West Hawaii Association of Realtors

  3. Dear President Steve, We will keep the pressure on our Congressmen and Congreeswomen. God Bless you for all you continue do for the members and for property rights. We believe in you, Hugs, Bonnie Boyd

  4. Sandy Allen

    NFIP is a very important topic to continue for our continued focus in 2014.

    A fair and reasonable approach to any increase in insurance will effect real estate values and saleability.

    Let’s keep it under control!!

  5. Carol Thelen

    My suggestion would be for realtors to not wait for a “Call to Action” but rather be pro-active and continue to write to their local politicians. Sign up for their e-mails and respond to any activity they suggest will be taken.

  6. robert gravatt

    We need to focus on a fix or a band aid now!!!! Customers and sellers are in a panic about this issue, and costs associated with this new program. This will create a major issue with sales going forward in flood zones and maybe sellers will dump properties on the market, that will create another price issue.

  7. i am only hearing delay but not hearing solutions. proposed. I have talked with a group from Alabama about a coastal ban of insurance that would run from Maine through the gulf coast. Ocean front to 70 miles inland., If every property paid in the revenue raised would cover the cost of FEMAs cost. Then the US Government would be the re-insurance.
    i would like to contact someone at NAR to share a more detail explanation of this.

  8. Marge Zoto

    Keep up the pressure and Keep up the good work.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays.

    Marge Zoto

  9. Jaime Leger

    It’s our government’s actions like this that cause people to have what would normally be considered unreasonable thoughts or take unreasonable action to have or take them.

    The thought of penalizing someone to the point of losing a personal or investment property through absolutely no fault of their own is abhorrent. I don’t care who voted for the the Biggert Waters Act or who wrote it. I just expect it be fixed.

  10. Doug Rogillio

    I have been a Texas Realtor for over 17 yrs. Most of my career has been spent on the Gulf Coast with several years in the Hill Country and Central TX. I have had more damage from Windstorm and water away from the South Gulf Coast. As a matter of fact, I have been lucky that to date we have not had either problem where I am living (Port Aransas. In Texas the push has been to increase our rates and not the other areas of Texas. Far more properties have been damaged by flooding and windstorms in the past 40 years than South Texas Gulf Coast areas. I will continue support keeping in check the National Insurance Rates as well as
    Texas. Thank you Realtors throughout the United States.

  11. 75% to 90% of a whole town has been designated as flood zone by the State of Illinois. these town are in the western suburbs of Chicago. Melrose Park, Leyden Township, Northlake, Franklin Park.
    How can a family qualify to buy a house in these area when the flood insurance cost 3 to 4 hundred dollars a month? It’s not right!!!

  12. Elaine Hannock

    The writer’s editorial on this bill is not factally accurate in my research on the Call To Action. He writes that Repulicans wanted no delay but the Democrats want a four year delay. The facts are the Call to Action was cosponsored by 168 Congresspersons The sponsors are 117 Democrats and 51 Republicans. Facts can be found at

  13. John G. Hauck

    Steve,I am appalled that you would describe mortgage debt cancellation relief an issue of “fairness”. Fair to whom? Fair to the banks and their depositors whose funds you so capriciously toss around? The only thing that scares me more than legislation with “Affordable” in its title (healthcare, flood insurance, etc.) is when an organization as large as the NAR (or the government) attempts to make things “fair”. I am constantly amazed at the chronic reliance of our industry on government programs and bailouts. I’ve spent the last 2 months shopping for any flood insurance that doesn’t have the initials NFIP attached to it. My solution? Lloyds of London with more than adequate protection and premiums that apparently aren’t “fair” because they are not government and NAR blessed, but just happen to be 40% of the “fair” premiums. Anytime a commodity or service is advertised as “fair” or “affordable” and the government of NAR is involved, its an easy bet that it will be neither. I wonder when our organization and all the lobbyists that I help pay for will realize that. very truly yours, John G. Hauck, Broker of Record, Cannon Country Real Estate LLC, 1048 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825 PS- I’m not some hard-hearted individual; I’m a long-time Rotarian and spend countless hours and my own funds on charitable causes as well as a 35 gallon blood donor and 100 donations of platelets. You just can’t manufacture “fair”.