REALTORS® Running for a Cause

NAR President Steve Brown encourages REALTORS® across the country to support charities of REALTORS® running in the 2014 Boston Marathon in remembrance of last year’s bombing victims.


  1. Ron Phipps

    Thanks for the support! We are excited about the Power of R and the importance of Witness! Thank you very much!

  2. I’m a Realtor as is my wife we will be running this years Boston Marathon and supporting Medicines for Humanity. Medicines for Humanity is dedicated to saving the lives of children in the worlds most impoverished communities. Please support this effort by clicking:

  3. jennifer h. black

    I have been a full time realtor in the Greater Cincinnati area of Ohio for over 27 years. I was there, in Boston, running the marathon in 2013. This was to be my 13th Boston Marathon. My first Boston was in 1996. I will be running the Boston Marathon again this year. I was stopped about 1/2 mile from the finish. I was frantic until I learned that my twin sister was safe as I knew she had finished the marathon and was waiting for me at the finish line. When I went back to my hotel, I discovered that I could not get inside the hotel. I sat on a street corner with nothing, no money, no food, no I.D., no credit card. The kindness of strangers was amazing. Please pray for the victims: the families that lost a loved one, the people that lost a limb, the people that suffered other injuries, the businesses that suffered a loss of income, and the runners that lost their innocence by being involved in a terrorist attack. So many have suffered. I pray that they will recover.

  4. Sylvia Tudor

    I want to buy a few tshirts. How can I order and can it be delivered to California?
    I will be at race with a family member that is running.
    BerkshireHathaway HomeServices
    thank you

  5. NAR

    Hi, thank you for your message. It looks like you can get t-shirts through the following page:

    However it appears you have to set up an account first. You may want to try emailing Katie Reynolds at the Greater Boston AOR. She should be able to give you the specifics!

    NAR Exec Communications

  6. Thank so much for your support of our efforts. I remember watching in horror last year at our Framingham ERA office but decided that day, I would not miss the chance to run and stand up to terrorism. I am running for the Baypath animal shelter in Hopkinton where I am also a volunteer and proud rescue pet owner!!

  7. Thank you for representing Realtors(R) in this initiative of support! Proud to call you NAR President.

  8. Steve Matthews

    I am a member of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors. I was blessed to be able to Qualify, register, and will be Running the Boston marathon this year. At 60 years of age, I will be representing the “older” members of NAR having been a Realtor for more than 34 years.

  9. Thanks Steve- I too was in Boston last year… sitting in the stands directly across from where the bombs went off- as chaos ensued around me, I somehow found calm, sat down, and took video of what was happening… I later submitted those videos to CNN in hopes of helping to find the culprit- It wasn’t until I returned home and saw my videos of the national flags coming down along with the finish line barricade did I realize just how close to disaster I had been. And this year I’ll be returning to Boston, but I’ll be running this time. I’ll be running in defiance of good vs. evil. I’ll be running to fight for those who can’t… whether it be the victims of the bombings or for those stricken with MS… In addition to running 26.2, I’m raising funds to support the National Society for Multiple Sclerosis and would greatly appreciate the support of the Realtor community. Here’s a link to my fundraising page and to a couple of videos I took at the finish line last year- this year will be epic! I appreciate your support.