Statement From NAR 2014 President Elect Chris Polychron on Beverly Carter Tragedy

“As both a REALTOR® and an Arkansan, I am saddened by this morning’s news of Beverly Carter’s untimely death. My heart goes out to her family, her friends, her co-workers, and everyone whose life Beverly touched in her 49 years with us.

Working in real estate involves risk and, unfortunately, that risk takes many forms. As an industry, we collectively work very hard to promote safety awareness among our members. We are fully committed to educating REALTORS® about potential threats and providing them with resources to protect themselves.

I urge all REALTORS® to honor Beverly Carter by keeping safe and looking out for each other.”


The Arkansas REALTORS® Association is collecting donations in Beverly Carter’s name through their Hearts & Homes program. For more information, visit

NAR’s REALTOR® Safety resources include articles and blog posts, presentations and videos, webinars and training courses, and tools at

  1. Nancy Austin

    Other Realtors have been murdered as well. One was murdered in Northern Michigan several years ago in a vacant house. In another case a Realtor was the salesperson in a model home. A man who entered raped her in the closet of one of the bedrooms. This was just a couple of years ago. Fortunately she escaped with her life. Personally, I stopped doing open houses because of the dangers involved both for the Realtor and the seller. I have never had a seller complain once I explained the reasons. Do we need someplace changes?

  2. Vernon Taylor

    As a broker we all seek a call with an alert phrase after meeting with a client and react accordingly. Knowing several Realtors in Arkansas I feel for all there. God heal the family and all the Realtor family.

  3. Praying for the family, what a horribly senseless loss. I use GOOGLE to try and learn anything I can about someone I might be showing property to. I know that it isn’t a complete safe-guard but I do feel better.

  4. Peggy Wierzbicki

    Until Owners, Managers, Brokers and Agents INSIST that prospective Buyers come in to the office for a Buyer interview BEFORE they can see a house, these horribly tragic events will continue. What is so hard about saying “I’d be happy to show you that property, BUT FIRST, we will need to meet at my office. The real estate market is constantly changing. In order for you to make a wise decision you will want to know the smartest and best way to go about it, WOULDN’T YOU? I have an opening on Monday at 7pm. Will that work for you?” For God’s sake are we so focused on making money that we totally disregard good, common sense salesmanship? I have been a Realtor for 35 years. If someone I have never met and is not a personal referral, how do I know I even WANT to work with them!!!!! All this talk about Realtor safety is meaningless UNLESS we do a Buyer interview first! OUR INDUSTRY NEEDS TO CHANGE TODAY!!!! IT STARTS WITH EDUCATION THE PUBLIC. …..IN OUR ADVERTIZING, ON OUR WEBSITES, IN OUR COMMERCIALS, IN OUR PRINT MATERIAL AND HANDOUTS.

  5. Peggy Wierzbicki

    Continuing….I am so passionate about this I hit the wrong button….. we need to educate the public starting today. Good grief, before Netflix you couldn’t even rent a movie without showing your drivers license!!! Are we so afraid of losing a few bucks at first that we won’t even try??? So sad. Would you send a child off to meet a stranger at a house? Of course not! Let’s put a value back where it belongs…on a human life, not on the almighty dollar. Please, so this death was not in vain, this industry NEEDS TO CHANGE BECAUSE THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. We no longer are selling in our own little neighborhoods to our family, friends and neighbors. We are traveling farther to meet with people from outside the safety of our circles. Agents PLEASE start using this practice of meeting buyers at your office. TELL THEM WHY. Call it NANCY’S LAW, CALL IT WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT BUT DO IT and start with your very next appointment! This death CANNOT be in vain. STEP UP TO THE PLATE OWNERS!! My thought and prayers are with our Sister Agents family.

  6. Poindexter Fudgwickel

    Real Estate Agents need to be held accountable to vet out potential clients before letting them into our homes.

    The story of Beverly Carter is saddening and my heart is broken for her family.

    The problem, in part, is that Real Estate Agents are not required by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or any State or local regulatory body or association to pre-qualify or vet out a potential “buyer”.

    Sellers wishing to list their real estate for sale with a brokerage may unknowingly be allowing anybody with ill-intent to call any real estate agent that they may run across to “show them a house.”

    Real Estate agents all across the country are meeting with total strangers, people who at best, couldn’t qualify for a loan to purchase your house to property tourists, “Looky-Lous” who only want to look at houses for sport, to at worst, criminals looking to case your property or worse, commit bodily injury against a realtor on YOUR property.

    Until the public DEMANDS that the real estate industry tighten up its protocols and regulates internally or by legislative action that only known entities, i.e. people who have registered as a buyer (likely at the local MLS level) and are PREQUALIFIED or have POF (Proof of Funds) are allowed access through a real estate agent, there will be more crimes against humans and property all facilitated by (that’s right) your local real estate agent.

    Do some research- Beverly Carter is not the first real estate agent to be killed by some stranger who called an agent out of the blue and said, “I’m a cash buyer… Show me some houses.”

    Protest to the National Association of Realtors, your state Real Estate Commission and your local Board of Realtors that this insanity of allowing perfect strangers that have not been properly verified as to identity and as to capacity to purchase our homes when placed for sale with real estate agents HAS GOT TO STOP.

  7. There’s only one way to protect agents. The NAR has to persuade each state to adopt new rules for showing homes. Prior to showing a home, a prospective customer must be met in the office of the showing agent. At that time, the customer must show two forms of identification plus a per-qualification letter. If each state mandated these rules, subject to non-conformance fines, it would go a long way in the protection of the agent and also the homeowner.

  8. Think Act Be Safe
    Agent Safety Program
    Keep Tabs on on your fellow agent!
    Never show ANY homes to someone not pre-qualified and identified.
    Know WHO they are first, and have agents check-in during showings.
    Would you meet a stranger from a phone call in an empty house alone?
    You wouldn’t do that in your personal life, DO NOT DO IT IN BUSINESS!
    Download and use these documents to start the TABS Agent Safety Program in your office.
    – Agent Safety Brochure
    – Agent Identification Form
    – Basic Client Information Form (BCI)
    – Agent Itinerary Form
    – Office Agent Safety Plan form
    Think – Act – Be – Safe

  9. As a Broker Owner, I feel we must start with having office policies in place where an agent meets a prospect for the first time at the office or public location and retrieves proper identification from them. An agent should never go alone to show a vacant home…take another agent or a friend with you please! I agree that the National Association and the Local Associations should educate the consumer on safety policies so that sellers and buyers no up front what will be expected when they call an office or go to an open house. This is a sad time for our industry…heart felt thoughts and blessings are going out to Beverley’s loved ones from Connecticut.