Statement From NAR 2014 President Elect Chris Polychron on Beverly Carter Tragedy

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  1. Lou Derr

    I would recomend all Realtors to seek out a coceal and carry license. Make sure you get a dl copy and let your office onow where you will be
    I have used my cell phone before and made a call and just left the pgone on so that another agent could hear everythin. Just incase. Especially in rural areas where you are taking or neeting a client at a remote property. Ruger LC9 never leave home or show property without it.

  2. This is such a tragedy, and a real eye opener. I have thought a lot about this, how could we possibly be as active as we want and always have our office/family/friends know where we are? We schedule home viewings that can change on the fly and we see multiple homes at a time. How could we keep everyone updated? Maybe NAR needs to create an app we all can have in our phones, that track our locations ( we could turn it on on our way to an appointment) while also having the option for us to communicate with our office ( big red button that says emergency) …. thats what I have come up with. We have the technology to protect ourselves… we just need to figure out how to implement it effectively.

  3. Jeannie Sattler

    My thoughts and prayers also go out to Beverly’s family and friends. Such a tragedy and an eye opener that agents need to prequalify every buyer before you show them property. Find out if your state allows you to photocopy their drivers license. Unless a “buyer” is attending an open house there is no reason why they would have any problem providing that information prior to looking at property.

  4. Kaedean Hammond

    I have an app on my iphone called Agents Armor but don’t know how great it would be if one is being attacked.

  5. Michelle Marshall

    I have also been thinking of safety measures. How about each time you show a home, contact CSS and give them the clients drivers license info so that each customer is logged in for each home showing.

  6. Jim

    I am wondering about the the lawsuit against the ARA. My understanding is that they lost a recent Appeal and I would like to know what the status is.

  7. My family uses an app called “life 360”. We’ve had it for a few years now. It lets you know where your family/group members are located, has a map to tell you if there are any registered sex offenders close by, let’s you “check-in” to let your family/group know you are ok, and also has an emergency alert feature. My family and I use it everyday. As a REALTOR, I highly recommend it. And no, I don’t get paid for saying that.

  8. Larry DeGroat

    This is an eye opener for sure! I am located about an hour North of where Beverly worked and I joined the search team this past Sunday and looked all day. There were hundreds of people out there as well and it was good to see such a large support. I know it is time for the family to grieve and I respect that. I also feel we need to do something so we are not the next victim of the senseless crime. When the suspect was asked why Beverly, he said “because she was a woman and worked alone”. That is all of us! We normally work alone and need to look into techniques to keep us safe.

    I have been seeing everyone talk about concealed carry, which I have been considering myself, but I don’t really think that is the answer for everything. I feel with a conceal carry, if you pull that gun, then you better be ready to kill. I also feel if you pull a gun, then you better be prepared to use it or it could be used against you.

    I was talking with another person during the search Sunday and we got talking about technology and thought there should be something that could help protect us. I did some research yesterday and found a company called CUFF and feel like this is what we need. You can look on the internet at and see all about it. It is so new that they are taking pre-orders right now and is schedule to ship March 2015. I like it so much that I ordered three today. I am not advocating any particular company but once you see this, I think you will be ordering it also. I am 6’1″ and 230 pounds and I am getting one for myself and two for my daughters. I know we can use our cell phones, mace, handgun etc… but when you are caught off guard, you literally will only have seconds to react and not have time to pull a gun, mace or dial any phone numbers.

    I hope this helps and stay safe out there!!!

  9. Antonette Stout

    I also feel while NAR spends thoughts of dollars on ads promoting Home Ownership they should also inform the public WHY Realtors have rules they work must follow to keep us safe. Let the public know in your ads that they should not to be offended when we ask for their ID’s, address, phone numbers and to meet us at our office before showing. Thank you! My heart goes out to Beverly’s family, friends and fellow Realtors! Everyone be safe.

  10. Libia Alvarez

    Besides getting DL# and screening potential buyers, I would add to the safety rules that I or any agent, specially women, should never go show any vacant property alone, we must have a showing companion to any foreclosed vacant homes.

  11. life360 is a Iphone App with a panic button. It’s free.

  12. Jodie Shepard

    My prayers are for her family, friends and fellow Realtors.
    I cannot get Beverly Carter off my mind.
    Maybe if we as Realtors can ask for the introduction of a legislative bill – maybe call it the “Beverly Bill” – making pre-qualification letters/proof of funds be forwarded to agents before taking buyers out to properties. We ask for them now but some buyers get somewhat huffy when asked….this way it is something we have to have and a law. we have laws for motorcycle helmets, etc, etc….let’s try to make it safer for a Realtor.

  13. Mindy Lowry

    I have thought I might have new people text me a picture of their drivers license. Tell them it is required by my office. Then check them out on public data.Com before meeting them. I have been hesitant about concealed handguns, but I am rethinking this personally. I never do open houses anymore for this reason. I don’t think it’s safe for the homeowner or myself. Serious buyers don’t do open houses anyways. Just have to follow instincts as much as possible and try to know who you are showing! So sad…

  14. Sandra Brown

    There is an app out there called “Find me Safety”

    here is the link:
    I just installed it on my phone, and hoping I will never have to use it.

  15. Condolences to her family and fellow Realtors.

  16. Robbin Merta

    I am a broker and teach self defense. The best idea is to meet first at the office and make a copy of ID. If you have to meet a stranger at a property, get there before the customer. Call your office or partner when the customer pulls up, letting him see you on the phone. Give the address and the car and license plate. Also have a partner call you a few minutes into a listing presentation to check if everything is okay. Look for signs of a break in at vacant or REO listings. Take a partner or lender to host open houses together. If you must be there alone, set yourself up at a spot where you can get to a door. Let the customer lead if you are touring a home. And if things feel creepy – TRUST THAT – and make up an excuse to leave. We also do a self defense class for agents at my board that includes physical techniques for fighting; look for something like that in your area.

  17. for those agents who prefer non lethal forms of deterrence..there are stun guns that are also flashlights..who can argue with an agent carrying in a flashlight..which does not have to be pulled out of concealment to use in close quarters.

  18. Deidra

    We in the apartment business use a device called apartment guardian, it has a gps tracking device and an emergency button where dispatch can hear you. It’s amazing and could be used in many other industries.

  19. William Morrow

    First my thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Now to address the safety side of things. I have mentioned in many other forums that the National Rifle Association has a tremendous program called “Don’t be a victim.” It covers so much more than just how to handle a firearm. As a matter of fact that is not the premise of the program at all. Being aware of your surroundings is number one in assessing your exposure to a possible event. I strongly suggest that NAR initiates partnering with the NRA for their assistance in formulating programs to help protect our members.

    As owning and learning to properly use a firearm may be a partial solution for us, more importantly avoiding a life threatening situation through knowledge is the greatest weapon we can possess.

  20. Soledad St. Hilaire

    no matter what u have to protect yourself. it’s better to share your commission and get a partner and one stay outside and the other realtor show the property. also taking remote portable cameras and install them in the main rooms so that way you can record every person that walks in.

  21. Andre Martinez, CA Realtor

    Such a tragedy and loss, my condolences go out to the whole family.

    Not only would I recommend getting the driver license number of any new prospect.and forwarding to someone you love but if you must go alone. Always make it a habit of carrying a extremley sharp pens or pen in you hands at all time. This applies also to student, kids or others of whom walk alone. As this can make a great weapon. Also never let some in showing situations walk behind you and be sure to leave front door open when showing.

  22. My google calendar is valuable because it shows up on my phone and in my email. September 30 meeting John Smith cell # at this address at one pm
    If I am going to a remote location or to a empty home I tell my family until now jokingly if you never see me again this is where I am.

  23. I can’t begin to say enough about this tragedy, for all of her family and for our industry.
    I have practiced as a Realtor for almost 27 years and acts of violence have been increasing year after year and my way of doing business has changed very little. No other industry lacks security or safety measures as much as that of the real estate agent’s business.
    With just a phone call on any day of the week we set the appointment and proceed to meet with people we have never seen before at vacant properties in the middle of nowhere and never give a thought of being harmed by the people we are meeting.
    Please set up a system, take some self defense classes, register your clients, make a copy of the houses you are showing, give the list to your husband, adult children, another agent or your secretary. Take a picture of the car and the license plates on the buyer’s car before you get out of your vehicle. Make sure your office has your license plate numbers, the perpetrator may force you to drive.
    We need to be more cautious, keep an eye on each other and be careful out there.
    Let’s watch out for each other.

  24. We should have something in place to run criminal background check for every client wasting to buy or sell a house

  25. We should have something in place to run criminal background check for every client wishing to buy or sell a house

  26. Cheryl Mason

    NAR should revisit their Realtor Safety Education and set forth enforceable rules and regulations for showing appointments. This could include a copy of the potential buyers drivers license, a prequalification letter, and the list of the properties to be previewed to be on file at the office prior to their departure-
    Now don’t start saying that you can’t enforce those items because NAR can and has enforced may items including our annual fees which Beverly and we survivors of the 6 year real estate depression have struggled to pay annually. So get to work NAR and set forth some enforceable protection for the Realtors who maintain the existence of NAR.

  27. Rebecca LeClaire

    I use the Glympse App which allows someone to track your movements from house to house.

  28. Theresa

    If I am showing a property that I’ve not met the person, my husband or son is “my driver”. If! I go out alone, my husband has make model and license plate of the car that I’m at the showing with, along with leaving my phone on.
    Too many stories like these, to not take all precautions.

  29. Katie Parker

    I think NAR should do an advertising campaign to the general public about REALTOR safety and set buyer expectations on showings. The need to provide ID and start their search at an agent’s office. Call it the Beverly law/rule in her memory.

  30. First, our heart goes out to Beverly’s Family. Unfortunately guns are not an option in Canada but think we’ve just heard of an amazing app for your smart phone!
    Robin McGraw’s aspire initiative, has made available, a free domestic violence app that would be Perfect for realtors as well!
    Looks like just another app on your phone but has a “GO” button. Once pushed, this sends a prerecorded message/text to whomever you’ve listed to receive; a friend, spouse, coworker or direct to 911. Also, once pushed, it records audio of whatever is happening in the room! This is an amazing safety feature and it’s offered free! Go to or google “aspire initiative”
    Thank you Robin McGraw, you are absolutely going to be saving lives with this!

  31. I am personally so greatly saddened by this tragedy. I especially feel for the family and cannot imagine how hard this is to deal with. My heart goes out to the family. We (Realtors) have accomplished many great things, we really need to work on something that will help keep us safe and implement it, this has occurred way to many times in the past and we need to make it stop. Make sure someone knows where you are and where you are going at all times, and check in, and if you can-take someone with you to showings, they can wait in the car. Everyone, please stay safe and aware of your surroundings.

  32. Caroline Perkins

    All of this is extremely tragic but we have to remember to always plan ahead and let your family members and company know your schedule of showings even if it’s a last minute situation. You can never be too careful…even if they are pre-qualified, they may be dangerous.

  33. Sarah McFee

    I think there should be a mandatory “buddy system” where you need to always have a second associate with you while showing homes or open houses.

    My condolences to her family! Such a sad time…

  34. Buddy

    Profile, verify, validate and qualify before anyone is allowed to show any perspective buyer property.
    Profile; Photo ID etc.
    validate; All Perspective clients must submit to instant criminal background check, agents may only show property to those who have been cleared!
    verify; able and willing
    qualify; Financially qualified
    tactical; two or more agents at Open House and or showings.
    RPAC; seek Carry & Conceal license for agents

  35. Susan Logan

    We Realtors in Florida are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our own. Each one of us female Realtors can relate to being in Beverly’s shoes and having to show property at the last minute to someone that calls or at an Open House, when it’s just you and one other person in the home. I know you should always work in pairs, but sometimes that is easier said than done. RIP, Beverly. Our hearts go out to your family and your fellow Arkansas Realtor family.

  36. I began a new safety protocol today using technology available to all realtors – my smart phone. I informed the buyer I began working with today (met him at my office, but could do this at a Starbucks, too) that I would be taking 4 pictures prior to showing him the first house: 1. His face, 2. His photo ID, 3. His car and 4. His license plate. I explained this is our security protocol. I then explained I was emailing these pics to my security officer (in this case, my husband). The client didn’t blink an eye and we went about the business of looking at homes once those emailed pics were sent from my phone. This will become my new habit – I am committed to consistently sticking to this process and encourage others to consider similar measures. No sale is worth your life!

  37. Sharon Debidour

    As a loan officer I also thought every buyer shown a Home needs to be prequalified and then the lender has a copy of their ID, as it’s required for mortgage. If they say they are paying cash a bank statement for proof of funds should be requested. Working in teams or at least texting your destination and client’s name for each meeting is also a good idea. Open houses should always have 2 agents or many loan officers would be happy to host with you. Stay safe!

  38. Gillian Goldrich

    There are so many times we are vulnerable as REALTORS…showing homes, holding public open houses, driving through less desirable neighborhoods, entering vacant homes, walking lots, checking up on vacant inventory homes, or just entering a home (after receiving a confirmation for appointment) where a tenant has not been informed of the showing. I once had a six foot plus tenant chase my clients and myself out of his apartment saying to get out or he would kill us. We had a confirmation for the showing, knocked on the door before going in (no response to our knock) and once we were inside we found this man in his bed watching television….he was quite angry!
    I would agree with Lou that we should consider a concealed carry firearm as danger is quite prevalent in our industry. Never let your guard down, beware of your surroundings, have an escape route whenever possible and use locator software on your phone so others can track your whereabouts. I have my carry permit and 360 Locator on my phone. I teach a course on Risk Reduction (written and approved for continuing ed by me and another colleague) and part of the course is about personal safety. A class like this should be must for all REALTORS.

  39. Shawna Gibson

    Has anyone begun a memorial fund yet? Could NAR begin one? I’m sure people all over the country who are in the profession would like to donate to the Carter family.

  40. grail

    Maybe it is time tho industry wakes up! We as a professional industry need to set a new standard for every realtor in The USA and Global. Either put a web cam in your car

  41. Ann Peterson

    I have spent many years being cautious meeting new people to show them homes. If my gut gives me a sign I would always call my dad and tell him where I was going and give him the address and when I arrived would give the make and model and description of the person and their name at least what they tell me. I would have him on the phone the whole time and have a code word I would say if trouble. Sometimes I would tell him to call me back in 5 to 10 minutes. I always answer my phone so the people I am with and others know what I am doing. The other thing I always do is park on the street,, never in the driveway.

  42. Susie

    apartment leasing agents require a license each time they show an apartment and they never leave the complex. I suggest never show on the fly ,require unknown clients to come to the office and get a copy of the license or ID. This has relly started me thinking/my whole office. I had a close call and looking back now it really confirms it was a close call and it was dark and cold, home was vacant and I was a new agent. I called my husband immediately when I realized what it looked like, I stepped out of the house and stood by my car door.. The guys knew I was aware. They ran they the house and out, knowing I wasn’t going in. I was a nervous wreck and knew from that moment I would never do this again.

  43. I downloaded a app last night called #1GPS tracker. I had a showing in a remote location / vacant bank owned property. I knew my clients well. The App allows you to add a circle of friends/family and to “check in” your location. We tested it a couple of times last night and my husband was able to tell me where I was, even if I didn’t check in. You can also message or call anyone on your circle from the app. It is a small step of course, but it is a step. Be safe.

  44. Jessalynn

    I am deeply saddened by this and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. It makes all of us think about what we can do to take additional safety measures. Does anyone know if any portable electronic devices exist that we can buy which would scan a drivers license and send it electronically to our brokers in a fax to email format etc? This would be very helpful in my business.

  45. I’m going to double down on what Lou Derr said. Get a permit, get some training, and start carrying “the great equalizer” – namely a handgun.

    We can talk all we want about phone apps, asking for driver’s licenses to be faxed over, and all this type of thing. In the end, that stuff will all be ineffective against a crazed and sick individual. Especially the kind that is male and who develops an obsession around a particular person, typically female.

    These types of unhinged people roll twisted thoughts around in their mind until they convince themselves that they no longer care about the consequences of pursuing the object of their desire. “It will SO be worth it!” they tell themselves.

    NORMAL people who are highly motivated will expend much energy and creativity to achieve their NORMAL goals. Job promotion, marriage partner, retirement, a fishing boat, etc. Evil people have the same energy and same creativity but they direct it towards evil ends. Thus we can assume that whatever “system” we set up to try and avoid these things….well the bad guys will adapt to them in order to get what they want.

    It’s almost comical that not a single one of the official organizations like NAR or anyone else will even put it out there that arming one’s self is a good option. It’s like they want to imbibe the non-carrying public’s pipe dream fantasy that they live in a safe place and the “not safe” aspects of it can surely be overcome with solutions OTHER than carrying a gun. They probably also don’t wants stories showing up on the front page of Yahoo News with the flavor of, “GASP! NAR Tells Agents to Start Packing Heat In Wake of Realtor’s Death!”

    This type of thinking would be on part with trying to find every possible way to help people avoid getting killed in a car collision OTHER THAN wearing a seat belt. Can’t you hear it now? “Let’s find ways to make brakes more effective and powerful,” “Let’s make the duration of time a traffic light is yellow longer (and longer)”, “We need better airbags,” “Let’s see if we can find an app for that”.

    We can all see how silly this is. Just put on the dang seat belt. And for this discussion, just start carrying a gun. All the other stuff will just help the police find your body faster.

  46. Aberlynn Zeigler

    I have been thinking the same thing that Jodie Shepard wrote above.
    We need the “Beverly Bill”. Let’s take the risk out, isn’t that our job?
    Make clients do a background check and also show proof of identification.
    Something like this happen years ago in Santa Fe, NM, the agent did not die but was kidnapped and taken in a car to an ATM machine. Later the top agent identified her by her tattoo. This story didn’t make headlines news but it should have. How many more stories do we not hear about? I know I even have one that happen to me. As an agent I feel like I constantly protect my clients. Why not pass the “Beverly Bill” to protect agents. We sell houses and that should not be a risky business that ends in death.

  47. Linda Burke

    I agree that the NAR should launch a major campaign about a change in the way ALL Realtors work, for the safety of everyone. The last two times I bought a new car, I had to leave a copy of my driver’s license. Why should seeing or listing homes be any different?

  48. Cindy Gonzalez Broker

    My prayers and thoughts go to the family and friends of Beverly Carter, Arkansas Realtor. I have been trying to emphasize on Realtor safety for some time now. I have been in the real estate business over 20 years and have been in several compromising situations. There are several things we can do to make sure we are safe, but in all reality – Come on apps? Come on a text? Come on gps? This all helps but we NEED MORE!!!! This is a real problem, it should NOT take the death of agents to realize that we live in a world of uncertainty and we are in need of a better system. We as agents/realtors are independent contractors and are responsible for ourselves!!!! Take a look at what I am offering and we together can make it safer to do our jobs! Agent Live Call Beta
    Looking for funding sources, find me on Kickstarter!

  49. Cindy Torres

    I have been in the real estate business for 33 years and my heart hurts whenever a licensee or Realtor is harmed – but it happens – to both men and women. I don’t believe we need another law; there are plenty of laws on the books that do nothing!
    We each need to exercise common sense, take refresher courses on safety and most of all, PAY ATTENTION! More than once I’ve picked up the phone in front of a customer – both in and out of my office – to call either the office or my husband and tell them “I know we were supposed to meet, I will call you when I finish this showing! BECAUSE, something just didn’t feel right. Don’t worry about bothering anyone, take care of yourself first!

  50. Require picture of driver’s license before showing.