Chris Polychron Interviewed by Washington Post About REALTOR® Safety

In an interview with The Washington Post, 2014 President Elect Chris Polychron discusses risks REALTORS® face on the job, and emphasizes safety training going forward.

The association’s incoming president, Chris Polychron, pledged in an interview with The Post on Tuesday that he would make safety a top priority when he is installed in his post in November.

“My heart goes out to her family, friends, her co-workers,” said Polychron, himself a longtime Arkansas real estate agent. “The sad part is that when you work in real estate, it does involve risk. But as an industry we have got to promote better safety awareness.”

Polychron said making training mandatory might require convincing licensing boards in all 50 states to make changes to their rules. At the association, he said, amending ethics regulations to include safety requirements would require a board vote.

“Is it worth it if it saves one life? Absolutely,” he said.





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