NAR Leadership In the News: Week of November 10, 2014

cpNAR and the Leadership Team made news this week on a variety of issues, including increasing REALTOR® professionalism, expanding mortgage credit, and the News Corp acquisition of Move, operator of

News Corp CEO Vows to Turbocharge
“In partnership with the National Association of REALTORS® and its one million members, we look forward to turbo-charging and making it the most popular and profitable property site in America,” said Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp.


REALTOR® Changes Will Heighten Professionalism
“These policy changes will raise the whole bar professionally,” says Chris Polychron.

Inman News
NAR Won’t Rate Members or Impose New Standards of Entry
“The Code of Ethics is over a hundred years old. The way we sell real estate has changed and in order for us to remain at the heart of every deal REALTORS® need to adjust,” says Chris Polychron.

Questions Answered About NAR’s New Code of Excellence & Standards for REALTOR® Ratings
“The Code of Ethics tells us what we should not be doing. The Code of Excellence is going to tell us what we should be doing,” says Steve Brown.

National Mortgage News

GSEs’ Low-Down-Payment Loans Must Have Compensating Factors: Watt
“We were encouraged to hear Director Watt reiterate his position to make prudent, low-down-payment mortgage products available to consumers,” said NAR President Steve Brown.