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How to Find the Best REALTOR® for You

Photo by Greg Roth, NAR

Photo by Greg Roth, NAR

Beyond being the winning bidder, how do you make sure you are working with the best REALTOR® for you?

2015 President Chris Polychron talked to Men’s Health Live recently, and provides tips for finding a REALTOR® just in time for the spring market. Here are some highlights:

  • Seeking advice on finding a REALTOR®? Sixty-eight percent of all REALTOR® business comes from personal referrals, so ask friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Interview several REALTORS® to find someone you are comfortable with. “If you interview them for any length of time you’re going to figure out their sincerity and how well prepared they are,” says Chris.
  • How many transactions has a REALTOR® done? “I would certainly want them to have 8-10 transactions in the area that you’re considering,” says Chris. “They’ll have the experience necessary.”
  • Ask a REALTOR® how often they will communicate throughout the home buying process. “That’s probably a key point for me,” Chris adds.
  • Do business with a REALTOR® that understands how to use technology. “Listings come on the market quickly. A good REALTOR® will have access to see listings that come on first.”

Listen to Chris’s entire interview with Men’s Health Live for more tips on finding a REALTOR®.